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Bampton Charter Fair Working Group

Bampton Charter Fair has run under Royal Charter since it was bestowed by Henry III in 1258.

Bampton Town Council rents the lease for the street stalls from the Lord of the Manor. The Fair has grown over the last 10 years with the help of Exmoor Rotary Club. The organisation and management of the Fair is provided by the Bampton Charter Fair Working Group whose details are given below. An area of this website is dedicated to comprehensive information about the annual Fair - here.

The Town Council is responsible for: Finance, Health & Safety, Parking, Fun Fair, Signage, Traffic, and the Street Market (Fair Tolly).

Exmoor Rotary Club are resonsible for: Craft Fair, Local Producers, Traditional Skills, Entertainments, Merchandising, and Publicity.

The Fair Committee members:
Town Council: Nick Bull, John Sims, Rupert White
Fair Organiser and Tolly: Penny Clapham (Town Clerk)
Exmoor Rotary Club: Alan Woolley, David Botsford, (Humphrey Berridge).

A very large number of local volunteers make the Fair possible on the day.

Any profits made from the Fair are available as grants to local organisations. For details, see our downloads page here.

AGENDAS - for upcoming meetings can be found on Agenda page.

Meeting 2 June 2021 (Virtual) - Minutes here

Meeting 5 May 2021 (Virtual) - Minutes here

Meeting 7 April 2021 (Virtual) - Minutes here

Meeting 3 March 2021 (Virtual) - Minutes here

Meeting 3 February 2021 (Virtual) - Minutes here

Meeting 2 September 2020 (Virtual) - Minutes here

Meeting 1 July 2020 (Virtual) - Minutes here

Meeting 3rd June 2020 (Virtual) - Minutes here

Meeting 6th May 2020 (Virtual) - Minutes here

Meeting 4th March 2020 - Minutes here

Meeting 5th Februray 2020 - Minutes here

Meeting 5th Sept. 2019 - Minutes here

Meeting 7th August 2019 - Minutes here

Meeting 3 July 2019 - Minutes here

Meeting 6th March 2019 - Minutes here

Meeting 1st August 2018 - Minutes here

Meeting 7th March 2018 - Minutes here

Meeting 7 February 2018 - Minutes here

Meeting 2 August 2017 - Minutes here

Meeting 5th April 2017 - Minutes/Terms of Reference here

Draft Minutes of meeting 1/3/17 - here

Draft Minutes of Council special meeting 19/1/2017 about the Fair here, and the associated Statement from the Chairman here.

REPORT for Council from Town Clerk 20/12/16 - here

Draft Minutes of Meeting of 30/9/16 here

Draft Minutes of meeting 15/8/16 - here

Meeting 15th August - AGENDA here

Draft Minutes of meeting 11/7/16 - here

Meeting 11th July - AGENDA here

Minutes of meeting 13/5/16 - here

Minutes of meeting 11/4/16 - here


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