Bampton Town Council

Bampton Town Council

The Motte and Bailey Playground Project

UPDATE (16/9/20):

Its not hard to imagine a lot of frustrated children (and possibly adults!), desperately wanting to try out the new play park at the Motte & Bailey. Bampton Town Council are working very hard, bringing together all the final necessary touches that are required for a project like this.

We have recently received a safety assessment by RoSPA, which is a necessary requirement before the park can be formally open to the public. A very minor issue has been raised with regards to a superficial element of the park. The contractors are expecting to remedy the issue within the next 2 weeks, but in the meantime it is important that no one plays on the equipment because it has not been formally certified. This is quite normal.

We are also looking to compliment completion of the installation with erection of a new fence, which will subsequently be planted with a native hedge in keeping with other hedgerows in the vicinity. A number of new signs will also be added to the site over the next few weeks, as we wish to create a really welcoming environment for all visitors to the site.

I understand everyone must be chomping at the bit to get in and try out all the equipment. I can assure everyone we are very nearly there and we are doing everything we can to speed things up. Please bear with us and on completion we will immediately provide the green light for the fun to commence!

Bampton Town Council

A group of Bampton Dads has been working on renewal of the play area up at the Motte & Bailey for well over a year now. It's all due to start Friday June 26th.

To give you some history of the group as follows:


Download here the historical considerations of using this site for the new play area.

If you wish to communicate any ideas about the site or have any questions, please feel free to email Tim on



Woirk progressing fast! These pics from Friday 10 July:


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