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Who we are:
Adult volunteers:
Judi Thomas, Colin Williams, Alison Brooker, Lynda Baulch, Kevin Chandra, and Louise Melmoth


Bampton Youth GroupThe youth group, that used to meet in the LARC, is now closed for the foreseeable future. Staying home and keeping everyone safe is really important but it can also be a bit challenging so use these pages to find help, support and ideas for activities you can do at home. 

These are difficult times and we want you to have fun and be happy, by using this site and joining in our competitions you agree to be respectful towards others using the site; this means no rude or abusive comments or bullying.


We use websites and apps that are trustworthy and up to date but you still need to be careful when you’re online. If you’re not sure about anything, speak to an adult.


SMILELook at the menu on the left for our NEW competitions, activities, information and support! Have fun - keep busy.


Contact Judi at 07595 497476 or email

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