Bampton Charter Fair

Traditional Skills & Crafts and Local Produce

Exmoor Rotary Club

This part of the Fair (along with the Entertainments) is now being organised by the Rotary Club of Exmoor.

The three areas involved are as described below - contact information is given on each of the forms which can be downloaded from the links. Included is contact information for the organiser of these areas of the Fair.

The over-all Rotary Club contact for the Fair is
Alan Woolley, 9 Sawyers Mill, Shillingford, Tiverton, Devon EX16 9RY
01398 332195

TRADITIONAL SKILLS: An area where skilled craftsmen and women illustrate their craft - this may involve jewellery making, leather-working, and fishing fly tying, ceramics and weaving. (Marquee by Riverside)

CRAFT FAIR: An area where objects made by crafts people are on sale. This year this will be held in St Michael's Church. Stalls will include jewellery, woodturned craft, silver and pearls, knitwear, pottery, fused glass gifts, hand-painted silks, rag dolls, and handmade jute bags. (In St Michael's Church). A very small number of overspill Arts & Crafts stalls are available in the Riverside Hall.

LOCAL PRODUCE MARKET: An area where a wide variety of local produce can be tasted and purchased. This could be ciders, preserves, coffees, cheeses, burgers and sausages,chickens, and cakes, etc. Mouth watering! (In Marquee by the riverside)


DOWNLOAD AREA: Please download from here (PDF format) the Booking Forms required to exhibit in this area of the Fair.

Craft Fair Booking

Traditional Skills Booking

Local Producers Booking

Riverside Hall Booking

Booking Form

Booking Form

Booking Form

Booking Form

Craft Fair Info


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