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The aim of Wellbeing Bampton is to nurture physical, mental and social health in our community. We have a wealth of groups already, offering a variety of activities, crafts and interests.

Physical health can be improved with increased activity, be it walking, dancing, playing football, playing bowls, among many other things. Increased fitness aids weight loss, reduction in pain levels, better sleep and can improve mental health.

Mental health benefits from socialising in a safe and welcoming environment, having something regular to look forward to and the possibility of making new friends.

However, joining a group might be daunting, especially if you don’t know anyone. This is where Wellbeing Bampton comes in. We can help you decide what sort of activity would suit you, and then introduce you to a member of the group. They can then arrange to meet you and take you with them to the group gathering, so you have a familiar face there right from the start.

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The Youth Group and Knit & Natter both have their own web pages here.


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