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Knit & Natter

'Knit and Natter' is held every Monday (except Bank holidays) in St Michael's Church from 2pm to 3.30pm. . Experienced and new knitters welcome. Call Sheila for information 01884 256819

During 2018 we raised over £500 which we donated to many different local & National Charities.  

Knit & Natter

March 2024
Another delivery to RAFT in Taunton today, 12th March.  Thank you to all our contributors, the items you have made will be welcomed by refugees all over the world. The volunteers at RAFT were delighted to see the 12 single blankets, 13 children's blankets, 12 baby blankets, 23 children's jumpers, 27 scarves, 6 hats, 4 prs socks, 7 teddies and a bag of assorted baby clothes.
Well done everyone, wither you contributed knitted or crochet items, squares to make blankets or wool for us to use.
We welcome any contributions that can be used for our knitting for charities, acrylic double knit is best.  Thank you. Do join us any Monday in St Michael's 2-3.30pm.
Sheila 01884 256819

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Thank you to those people who have donated wool & also funds to send with our parcels to help pay for transportation costs. Any donations of wool or small buttons please leave in church or contact Sheila (331834).

Knit and Natter Group April 2018

January-March 2017

Since Greenfields Africa have found difficulty in getting transport to their Kenya projects they have now found they can access transport to the Syrian refugee camps. We have now been making larger single blankets, gloves, hats and scarves. We continue to make an sent items to the Musgrove SCBU.

Below are a representative sample of our items sent to Africa for Syrian refugees.


November 2016

The Greenfields Africa Warehouse is now so full with Knits that they are unable to take any more blankets or baby knits until they obtain transportation out to their Clinics in Kenya. However we are now sending  baby, children's and adult hats, cardys, socks and blankets to 'Knit for Peace' and we still supply Musgrove with prem baby clothes.  Both organisations write to express their thanks for our contributions. Mamy thanks to all our knitters, those who attend on Mindays or knit at home. Thank you.

August 2016

Parcels sent in August 2016 to Greenfields Africa, Knit for Peace, and Prem baby Unit at Musgrove, Taunton

March 2016

Since Christmas we have sent 4 parcels to Greenfields Africa for their projects to support Clinics in Kenya and Uganda. We have made 6 blankets, more than 25 cardigans and 40 hats. We have also sent a parcel to Musgrove for the prem baby unit and sent £40 each to 'Help for Heroes' and 'Children's Hospice SW'. We are grateful to all our 'outknitters' and for recent offers of wool. We welcome all new participants. Tea is served at 3pm.

Knit Knit Knit
Knit Knit  

December 2015

Lots of new items made and sent during November and December 2015. Small blankets, cardigans and hats sent to Musgrove to the SCBU. Patchwork knitted blankets, toys, hats and cardis sent to Africa for the clinics in Kenya and Uganda.
Thank you to people who have contributed wool to our charity knitting recently.

September 2015

Photo on right of blankets, cardigans, hats and babygrows sent to Greenfields Africa in September. These will be used in the Mama bags given to new mums in Kenya & Uganda when they attend the anti-natal clinics.

Knit & Natter

July 2015

Attached photo is our latest contribution from the knit & natter group this month.

This bundle of small blankets, tiny cardigans and hats are being donated to Musgrove Hospital Prem Baby unit in Taunton. We also sent 2 more parcels this month to Greenfields Africa along with a £10 donation towards transport costs to Kenya and Uganda.

Knit and Natter July 2015

April/May 2015

More items sent from the knit and natter group for charity made during April and May. We also had a response from Thika to say the jumpers had arrived and were being dispersed amongst poor families in the diocese.

March 2015:

Four more blankets completed and posted with jumpers and hats in February, to Greenfields Africa to add to their 'Mama bags'. We have also sent 20 of the jumpers to Thika, in Kenya, to be used by the orphanage and poor families in the Diocese.

We have received many 'fish and chip' jumpers to pass on to charities. Unfortunately all the charities we have approached no longer have need of them as the project was so popular. They now have warehouses full of them and nowhere to send them to.     
We still have need of 6 " squares, knitted from corner to corner, hats and cardigans.

We regularly have more than a dozen knitters join us every Monday afternoon in St Michael's Church at 2pm and would be pleased to welcome new people. Bring your own knitting or join our charity work.

January 2015:

Our group have been so busy knitting during the Christmas break that we have 2 parcels to send to Greenfields Africa this month. Our contact in Market Drayton is going out to the Centre in January and plans to put some new photos on their website so we can see the results of our efforts. We welcome new visitors to the group and any donations of wool. We also have knitters at home who send cardigans and small toys for which we are very grateful.

December 2014 update.

These are the latest items sent to Greenfields Africa as part of their 'Mama bags' given to Mums-to-be in Kenya & Uganda when they regularly attend anti-natal clinics for checks. We have now sent 8 blankets, over 100 hats, bootees, cardigans and soft toys.  Our knitting group are getting very productive.  We have been pleased to continually welcome new people each month and plan to keep meeting every Monday at 2pm throughout the winter in the warm Church. Do come and join us with your own knitting or help us with our charity projects. Donations of wool are always welcome. Contact Sheila 331834. 

Knit Group December 2014 Knit and Natter
Knit and natter Jan.2015 Knit and natter Jan. 2015

We have just sent off our 3rd parcel to the collection point in Market Drayton, for Greenfield's Africa. Greenfields Africa is a Charity which supports ladies in their last weeks of pregnancy in Uganda & Kenya. By attending anti-natal clinics they receive a 'mama bag' containing a blanket, babygrows, vests, hat, cardigan and other essentials for the birth. We have, to date, knitted more than 200 squares & sent 4 blankets, 40 hats, some bootees and cardigans. Thanks to one of the young Mum's who attend St Michael's Tuesday coffee mornings, we have added more than 4 dozen tiny vests & babygrows to our donations.

Squares Knit and Natter Group

Hello Sheila,

Thank you for the parcel which arrived safely and in good order. The baby knits and clothes are ideal for the babies we support in the village of Virhembe, in the Western province of Kenya. It is great to receive such a lovely selection of knits, toys and cotton vests etc. Please pass on our thanks to all at the Bampton “St Michael’s” knit and natter group and assure them they will have made many babies happy and also made their mothers feel loved and valued. We greatly appreciate the £10 cheque which will give a boost to our shipping fund and so help us to continue with the Mama Bag programme, which plays an important part in the complete clinic and hospital scheme. Thank you all for your help and support in every way. Best Wishes Barbara


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