Bampton in Devon

Bampton in Devon

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Bampton Primary School - The new school progress report 2006:

Bampton's new school is currently being built on a site alongside the old school. Work started in January 2007. These pages will be updated on a regular basis to show what is being achieved. Next pictures here.
Furthermore, the head-teacher Mrs James is keeping a diary of what is happening.
You can read it here.

The school in July 2006

The school seen from the South Molton Road

July 2006

The school in July 2006

The site of the new school before construction starts

July 2006

What is being planned is for the new school to be built above and to the right of the existing school, as shown in the photographs above. Once the teachers and pupils have moved into their new premises, the old school will be knocked down and the area to the front sold for housing.

Site plan of the new school

Above is a site plan of the new school

Artist's Impression of the new school

This is an artist's impression of how it will look

The architect has also provided a model to show the interesting shape of the building and how it all fits into the hillside - the area will be landscaped after the builds have been completed.

Model of the new school

A model of the new school

PLan of the new buildings

The floor plan on the left shows how the space inside the building will be used.

We're sorry about the wrinkles in the plan, but it is an indication of the need for a new school when you know it was caused by dampness whilst in storage in the old school!

The two pictures below were taken on January 23rd, the day the diggers moved in for the first time.

Construction starts January 2007

January 2007 - the fenced off site to the side of the school

The diggers move in January 2007

The diggers start work on the slope.

Diggerland at Bampton School

Building the new roadway

Big playground is reduced to rubble

Big playground is reduced to rubble

First visit by children to site

The children inspect the site before operations start.
No we don't know what Santa is doing there either!

New school diggers - April 07

April 2007 - site being landscaped and foundations dug


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