Bampton in Devon

Bampton in Devon

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Bampton Primary School - The new school progress report (4):

These pictures were taken in January 2008 on a first visit inside the new school buildings by the Governors and teaching staff on a very wet day! - also see report.

January 2008

Jan. 08 - View from school's main entrance


Teachers inspect a new classroom


Classroom being fitted up - note the roof beams

The new hall

Inside the new school hall

Hall - roof

Roof beams in the new hall


Another view of the hall interior

Curvy corridor

Note the curvy walls of the corridors

Cables awaiting electrician!

Plenty of work for the electricians yet to do

Ceiling beams

Roof lights in the corridor

Looking around

Merv takes a keen interset...

Colour scheme examined

...and Sue clearly likes the bright colour-scheme!

Cruciform window

That cruciform window again

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