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Bampton in Devon

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Wells Cathedral - Photo Gallery

Why this on the Bampton web-site? Because Wells is only just over an hour's journey from Bampton, and is well worth a visit.


Wells Cathedral is small as English cathedrals go, and the city in which it stands, snuggled in below the Mendip Hills in Somerset, is likewise quite small having a population of only about 10,000. Wells is full of old buildings and cobbled streets, and visitors may spend many a happy hour enjoying their stay. The construction of the present cathedral began in the 12th century, and lasted about 250 years - and of course, there have been many refusrbishments since then.



On the right are the steps up to the Chapter House - now repaired after centuries of tramping feet had worn them down.

The PHOTO GALLERY at the bottom of this page gives you a choice of larger images of the cathedral and its environs.
Wells cathedral - the clock As well as the architecture of the cathedral, make sure you see the famous astronomical clock in the north transcept (be there 'on the hour' to watch knights riding around, and 'Jack' chiming the hour with his feet, and striking with his hammer). There is also a splendid moated Bishop's Palace.
Wells Cathedral - Jack strikes the chimes and hours


Click below for bigger picture.

The magnificent west end of Wells Cathedral
Wells cathedral - the Nave
Wells cathedral - the altar and east end
The choir and organ
The roof of the Chapter House
Windows in the Chapter House at Wells
Wells cathedral - the cloister
Wells cathedral - the east tower
Wells cathedral - the Bishop's Palace gate-house
Wells cathedral - the moat around the Bishop's Palace
Wells cathedral - part of the Bishop's Palace
Wells cathedral - part of the Bishop's Palace



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