Bampton Charter Fair

Bampton Charter Fair

The One Day Streetmarket - over 100 stalls



  • The tolls for trading space at the Fair are £3.00 per foot frontage MINIMUM OF 10 FEET (£30.00) (measured across the width of the stall or vehicle at its longest point to include tow bars, any overhangs and opening of doors).
  • All traders must be covered by a Public Liability Insurance policy, minimum cover £2million. Proof of such cover must be submitted at the time of booking and may be asked for on Fair Day so please ensure you are carrying a copy of a valid certificate or NMTF membership or you will not be permitted to trade.
  • Trading hours are from 08.00am until 7.00pm although stallholders are invited to remain open for business until 8.00pm
  • There is no vehicle movement in the street between 08.00am and 7.00pm. Please do not start packing up your stall before 6.30pm
  • There is no parking in the street unless previously arranged with the fair organiser.
  • Once a pitch has been given and payment received, no refund will be given.
  • Names and addresses of traders must be displayed prominently on the pitch. (Members of the NMTF may display their names with the address of the NMTF office).
  • Any space allocated is for personal use for the trade specified at the time of booking.                      

Pitches are Non-Transferrable.                 Sub letting is NOT permitted

  • In the event that you are going to sell different products to those on your booking form please inform the Fair Organiser in advance, and no later than 30th September, 2017.
  • Ball Bearing Guns, Laser Pens and E-cigarettes are NOT PERMITTED to be sold on any of the stalls
  • Stall space must be occupied by 07.45am on Thursday 26th October 2017. If not, then the pitch will be re-allocated.
  • Stalls may be set up on Brook Street & Briton Street only from 6.00pm on Wednesday 25th October 2017. We shall endeavour to ensure that pitches are clear of parked vehicles but the road closures do not come into force until midnight.
  • We are required to ensure that there is 12’ of clear road for fire/emergency vehicles.  Any stall or vehicle must therefore be a minimum of 6 feet away from the centre of the road (or from the centre white road markings where applicable) including any awnings or overhangs.
  • As stalls face in to the street, please make use of the pavements. Bear in mind you may also need to bridge the gutter. Some pitches are on a slope. Please be considerate to our residents and shop owners by maintaining a clear area for access to doorways at the back of your stall or vehicle.
  • Any areas marked ‘keep clear’ must be kept free of any obstruction as they give either fire or wheelchair access
  • Insulation of all electricity cables must be in perfect condition and all cables must be safely located.
  • We are unable to provide electricity and you will need to provide your own lighting.

(NB: this year British Summer Time ends Sunday 29th October 2017.

  • The Fair Organiser’s decision on the allocation of space and all other matters is final.

 The Fair Organiser’s decision on the allocation of space and all other matters is final.

A copy of these conditions may be downloaded below.

Penny Clapham Fair Agent, Penton Chapel, Christow, Exeter EX6 7NP
07745 210 493

Please note that owners of FOOD STALLS should contact the Fair Agent by phone before sending in a form - we have to limit these.

Download Bampton Charter Fair as PDF documents:

Market Stalls - Terms and Conditions

Market Stalls - Booking Form for Stall Space



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