Bampton in Devon

Bampton in Devon

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Bampton Primary School - The new school progress report (5):

These pictures were taken on April 30th 2008 on a visit inside the new school buildings during 'moving in week' - great excitement in the air, and a LOT of cardboard boxes. The builders are still in evidence for final tweaks and snagging. There were just 5 or 6 days to go...

April 08 - front view

April 08 - View of school's main entrance

Back view of school

View of play area and rear of school

Looking eastwards from the back

Looking eastwards from the rear


Landscaping behind the school

Carboard boxes...

Cardboard boxes...

New classroom takes shape

A new classroom takes shape

New classroom for the youngest children

Space created for the youngest children

cardboard boxes!

... and more cardboard boxes...

Getting it all sorted

Getting it all sorted

and more boxes...

And yet more cardboard boxes

IT expert in school office

IT expert in the school office

The new Staff Room

Plush new staff room - but staff have no time to sit down!

In the new Hall

The new school hall

New PE equipment

New PE Equipment


A few more things to find homes...

Frog in storage

It's that frog again

PE Equipment

PE equipment

An outside play area

One of the outside play areas

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