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The pretty town of Bampton in Devon is situated in a wooded valley, criss-crossed with many footpaths. We are also on the long-distance footpath, the Exe Valley Way, and we are right on the edge of the Exmoor National Park. It is an area enjoyed by many walkers who visit us, as well as a large number of locals who not only love to walk, but to share their routes and experience with others.

In April 2022, Bampton submitted a successful application to be accredited as a Walkers Are Welcome town. This was led by a group of interested local people and supported by local businesses, 90 local residents and Bampton Town Council.

WAW Bampton - Inaugral walk

The Inaugral walk took place on August Bank Holiday Monday in 2022.

Before we set off we had to have a photo of the walkers and the original steering committee.

Three walks were available, a short well-being walk, an wlks of 4.5 miles and one of 8 miles, with 22 walkers in all.


On this website you will find much useful info such as a range of local walk booklets written by residents, which maps are the most useful, events which are of interest to the visitors, etc.

This website will continue to evolve! We shall be adding much more including suggested walking routes around this area..

BAMPTON BOUNDS WALKS - Sunday 27th August 2023 - info

Bampton Annual Return to WAW for 2023 - here

Photos - the first set of 6 are from Bampton Bounds walk August 2023

Bampton walkers Bampton walkers
Bampton walkers Bampton walkers
Geology walk in Bampton Bampton walks


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