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Youth Group: Competitions

Lockdown game challenges

Watch the clip of Colin playing a game that you can play at home, inside or outside.

Follow the instructions and see if you can meet the challenge. 

Send a short video clip of you successfully playing the game and you could win a £5 Amazon voucher.  Be quick, only the first five entries will win a prize!

The film must be less than 3 minutes long.

VideoGame 3 – Tin Cans Game!  Click on the video play on the picture and find out how to do this challenge - no cheating! Entries to be sent by 12th July at the latest. 


Top Tips for filming:

  1. Find a space in your home or garden where you can attempt the challenge and where you won’t be bothering other people.  Make sure you have the agreement of others in your household so you can film undisturbed, or be able to ask them to help you if need it.

  2. Make sure that the people who may be seen online have given consent - i.e no filming other family members if they don’t know what it’s about. 

You must have the consent form signed by one of your parents.  We cannot accept the clip without the consent form.  You can download the consent form here.  Print it off and get it signed and then drop it off in the box at Bampton Fresh. 

Send your video to:

RENAME the video file with a name that tells us who it comes from!

Download the website consent form HERE.

Games video competitions run for the next six weeks:

1st game Ping Pong Pot 1st - 14th June;
2nd game 20 Second Chocolate Challenge 15th - 28th June;
3rd game Tin Cans Game - 29th June - 12th July.


Lockdown life in the wild

CameraTake a photo of wildlife in your garden and send it in for a chance to win a prize.  You can take a photo of anything wild – a bug, a plant, a bird.  The competition will be judged by Nick Garbutt who is a professional wildlife photographer and lives in Bampton.  There will be three prizes and the winning entries will be published on the website and in Signpost.  Get snapping! THis competetion closes at the end of June. Send your picture(s) via the Dropbox address above, and give the photos a suitable name so we shall know who they are from.


Lockdown support in our community

DrawThis period of lockdown affects all of us in Bampton and area.  We miss seeing our families and friends and some of us are more alone and finding things very difficult.
Can you help cheer someone up?  Helping others can help us feel better so it works well for everyone.
Could you draw a picture or write a poem about lockdown?  Perhaps you could write a letter or a postcard with a happy message, or a short story for someone to read.
If you could do any of these things, we can send them to people who we know are alone.  We can put them on the website so everyone who has the internet can see them.

This isn’t really a competition but is a way you can help others.


Terms and Conditions

Competition age eligibility is 11-18 years and must live in Bampton parish.

No entries received after the publicised closing dates will be accepted

No video challenge entries will be accepted without a consent form signed by a parent

We have the right to reject any competition entry if we judge that it contains inappropriate or offensive language or images

The Judges' decision is final.