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The Women's' Institute first came to Britain in 1915 when it was founded in Anglesey. Its purpose was to give Countrywomen, who often lived in very isolated areas, an opportunity to meet and socialise with other women in similar circumstances. It aimed to broaden their lives and to improve the life of both themselves and their families. Today is no different - in the 21st century some women are still isolated, and in spite of TV and the mass media, there is a need for human contact and companionship.

W.I. is a totally non-politically aligned group, but nevertheless politics and government policy are often under discussion when there are local problems or national issues which concern members. With about two million members countrywide, our opinions can and do have impact. Our aims are still relevant today: concern with the environment, and care of the less fortunate.

Events involving the W.I. in Bampton may be found in the Bampton Calendar of what's on in the town.

Telephone: 01884-257275


The national W.I. web-site can be found here.


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