Bampton in Devon

Teddy 3Teddy-bear Parachute Jumping!

This event, organised by the bell-ringers, has become a regular event, originally on August Bank Holiday Monday but recently at Springfest in May.

Watch the video here!

Don't ask, just enjoy the following pictures.

The queue of brave ownersWhat are these people queuing for, and why are they looking upwards?

Teddy bears? You've got to be joking!

The teddy bears had been eagerly awaiting the chance to jump for some time - and don't think this is just a children's event. Some of the teddy bears were over 60 years old!


Teddy 1The parachutes need to be securely fastened - but there is a first-aid kit on hand.

And afterwards, each bear gets his personal bravery award.


We are delighted to hear that some visitors come specially to Springfest(complete with their teddy bears) because they have seen this feature on our web-site!

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