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Bampton SnowdropsBampton's Snowdrop Project

This project was started in February 2010 - this is a record of how it developed.

The plan, proposed by Bampton Area Community Organisation Network (BACON), is to introduce a large number of snowdrops to naturalise in the churchyard of St Michael's and All Angels in Bampton. This is a big space, and the snowdrops will be clustered in specific areas to give a lovely show as we move from winter into spring - a show to be enjoyed by all and hopefully for generations to come.

Bampton Churchyard Feb. 2010The Rector and PCC have given their enthusiastic support to the idea. We foresee no problems in keeping the churchyard mown and strimmed in the summer because the snowdrops will be all over by April.

Funding for this project has come from sources each providing £70 for 1000 bulbs:

We are extremely grateful for this support and the very positive comments we have received. We are hoping for practical support when it comes to planting the snowdrops in February/early March!

February 2010: There are some small clusters of snowdrops in a few spots of the churchyard - but we plan to add many more which people can enjoy as they walk along the churchyard paths...

Established snowdrop group Snowdrops planted by a gravestone
Path through the churchyard The planned planting area
Bampton churchyard  


4000 Snowdrops planted - March 6th 2010

It was a terrific turn-out of volunteers to come an help plant snowdrops in the churchyard - it only took about an hour for all the 4000 bulbs 'in the green' to be planted which was incredible. Thanks too to Daphne who provided sustenance for the workers!

Planting the snowdrops - a family occasion Planting snowdrops - getting down to it
Planting snowdrops along the north path Much needed refreshments from Daphne
Gerald gives some advice Plant them just here!

We hope to plant another batch next year...

February 2011: Last year's snowdrops appear!

Snowdrops Snowdrops

The pictures above were taken along the north side of the churchyard.

March 12th 2011

A nice sunny spring morning, and 25 volunteers appeared from every direction with spades and trowels to plant another 4000 snowdrops in the churchyard. This time, the main area planted was on the north west side of the churchyard, near the old schoolroom.

People of every age came to help! Planting near the old schoolroom
Snowdrops in the NW corner New Rector Lynne and her grandson


It was amazing - all 4000 bulbs were planted in 45 minutes! And thanks for the excellent refreshments then provided for the enthusiastic workers. It was great to see our new Rector Lynne and her grandson planting bulbs not far from the Vicarage. We hope that ever one enjoys the snowdrops for many years to come as they bulk up into clumps. More planting next year...

Another 4000 Snowdrops 2012

A good team of volunteers of all ages came to help with the planting on 25th February.

Snowdrop planting 2012

25 people came to help with the planting

Snowdrop planting 2012

Planting on the south side of the church

Snowdrop planting 2012

The Rector firms in the bulbs

Snowdrop planting 2012

Daphne provides hot drinks and refreshments

February 2013

No additional snowdrops were planted this year because we want to see how they are coping with the temperamental weather. But we are delighted that this year at the start of February the area around the church is spotted with lots of bright white points of light, really cheering as spring seems that bit closer. Although the success rate of the bulbs planted was not high, our policy of planting thinly will pay off - over the years ahead each bulb will form a clump and gradually we should get more and more of these lovely little flowers.

Snowdrops in Feb 2013

Snowdrop heads popping through the grass

Snowdrops in feb 2013

Spring really is on the way


February 2019

The snowdrops are now really beginning to clump up and be quite a spectacle. So much depends upon the season and on the lack of grass-cutting at cruicial times!


Bampton churchyard snowdrops


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