Bampton in Devon

Bampton Picture Quiz!

All you have to do is to link each picture below to its location in Bampton - all are visible by walking around the town or in buildings open to the public. Some are very easy, some less so, even to residents! No prizes for the correct answers - as they say, it's just for fun.

Click on one of the 'thumbnails' to get the bigger picture below.


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Note: Pictures may be changed or added to from time to time.


And now a real mystery! The object on the right was found in a garden in Bampton.

It is made of limestone (probably local) and the 30cm ruler in front gives an idea of scale. There are no holes in the bottom (assuming it's the right way up!). If you think you recognise what it is, do please let us know. We'd be very grateful.

Update (October 2012):

The photo on the right comes from an advert from English Garden Antiques which describes it as "Rare 19th Century Double Stone Trough" - but that still doesn't tell us its original purpose! Thanks to Bridget Rendall.

Double stone trough


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