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Fundraising for Murder!

A murder-mystery supper held on 26 October 2013 to raise funds for St Michael's Church. The evening raised a magnificent £1100.

The supper and the murder suspects:


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(Thanks to the corpse for the photos!)

The plot:

Well .... Hugh was murdered (Gaylord Freelove - had it coming if you ask me!). The murderer was not told in advance so no-one but Norman (Cadfael) and Barney (Friar Tuckin) knew. Just as well, as it turns out because Gaylord and the Bishop (Terry) drank a toast in the middle of the hall in front of the assembled guests and both collapsed - Gaylord poisoned, Bishop minor heart attack but carted off to hospital. The Archdeacon (Paul) had muddled the glasses as he handed them out so there was some doubt as to who was the intended victim. At the end, Cadfael went through each suspect and eliminated them one at a time until he had eliminated everyone! Then the Bishop reappeared because the hospital had uncovered a secret. He was a she! Terry was the first female bishop but had killed his brother Gaylord to prevent him from exposing him (if you'll excuse the expression!).

(Glad that's all clear then. Thanks to Hugh for photos and Avril for explanation.)


Bampton Players

Bampton Players