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February 16-18th 2012 in the Riverside Hall. Plus Matinee on Saturday.


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NODA (The National Operatic and Dramatic Association) – of which Bampton Players is a member – sent their representative to see our performance of  “Cinderella”.   We have now received her report and thought you’d like to hear what she had to say.   It reads as follows:

“This is a prime example of wholesome, community village entertainment, completely home grown from page to stage.   Being one of the most popular pantomimes performed, this version by John Morley put them on to a winner straight away.   Cast worked their way with enthusiasm through a varied selection of carefully chosen songs, helped along the way by an extremely hardworking sound man whose multiple addition of incidental music and sound effects, all delivered right on cue, hugely enhanced the quality of the production.  Colourful costumes with lots of detail were worn fittingly, none more so than the wonderfully outrageous ball gowns worn by Maxie Mum and Minnie Mum the ugly sisters (yes, appropriately cast as their name warrants) decorated with lights, fruit and just about anything else imaginable, a visible feast to behold.   Cast ages ranged from dot to infinity, each performing to the very best of their ability, led by a most attractive Prince Charming and Cinderella.  The director ensured an abundance of comical business, including a most amusing bedroom scene along with the obligatory, expected custard pie altercation.    The jewel in the crown, the arrival of a  stunning large red pumpkin which appeared almost luminous, leading on to a U.V transformation scene, an excellent visual effect.   A well-deserved pat on the back to the props team.   This was a worthy evening’s entertainment, much appreciated by the local audience.”


Bampton Players

Bampton Players