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Bampton Bounds walksBampton Bounds - Stiles Quiz!

The sales of the Heritage Centre walks book Bampton Bounds have rocketed during the lockdown, as you have all been finding new ways to get regular exercise. One Bampton resident, Andrea Corrie, took her camera with her and photographed many of the stiles along the way. She has kindly allowed her photos to be used for our summer competition. Thanks to Alan at Bampton Game for selling the book whilst the Centre has been closed.

Your challenge is to identify which of the ten walks in ‘Bampton Bounds’ booklet contain the stiles in these 9 photos.  All correct submissions will be put into a draw on 31st August 2020 and the lucky winner will receive a £20 gift voucher for Bampton Game and a Bampton bag to carry home their purchases. 
Send your answers identifying which walk the stile appears in to or text the answer to 07966 260058.

Click on one of the ten 'thumbnails' below and at the bottom to get the bigger picture:

Stile A Stile B Stile C Stile D Stile E



Stile F Stile G Stile H Stile I Poem




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