Bampton in Devon

Bampton Conservation Area

The whole of the centre of Bampton is a conservation area and contains some 86 Grade II Listed Buildings, 13 Grade II* Listed Buildings, and one Grade I Listed Building (the church). There is one Ancient Monument, and there are also two Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs).

The picture below shows a map of the town - the bold line indicates the boundary of the conservation area. Listed buildings are shown in a darker colour.

Bampton Conservation Area

The map has been taken from the Conservation Handbook for Bampton, published by the Mid Devon District Council about ten years ago.

The view below shows looking northwards down Briton Street and Brook Street. The areas in green are important landscape features - shown in red are the key historic buildings, many of which are noted in our history section.

Bampton conservation features

Bampton Conservation Area Appraisal: You can now download the document in sections from the Mid Devon DC website by following this link.

Part of the Churchyard is maintained as a conservation area to encourage biodiversity - find out more here.




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