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Community Lunch

This is an independent Community Lunch which takes place once a month at The Community Hall on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 12.30p.m.
 Community Lunches in BamptonThere are three people involved Edward Tanner, organizing with Rachael the catering side, Mary Tucker Secretarial and Richard Evans Treasurer.
The thought materialised as how we were going to reach people who where on their own and do not get out to mix with any other organizations throughout the area. Come and join us we hope you will be made very welcome.

Contact number 01398 331486



January 2020

We welcomed nearly a full house to the first lunch of the year which we celebrated with The traditional roast turkey lunch with all the trimmings. Well done to the chief and kitchen Staff of Acer Caters. A HUGE THANK YOU goes to all those people who turned in and helped our volunteers to get everything under way. We wish Lilian and Peggy a speedy recovery back to good health. The entertainment was provided by Betty Parker - Thank You. Our next lunch will be held on 26 February 12 30pm @ The Community Hall The AGM will be on the following month March 25 @ The Community Hall 12 30pm Everyone is welcome to the lunches come and join us and enjoy home cooked food.


August 2019

We gathered again for our Summer Lunch, Roast Lamb and all the trimmings followed by pineapple turnover pudding and custard. Thank you to our younger generation of servers it was great, to have you joining us, it was greatly appreciated by all. Also all the other volunteers who joined us to help with all the different tasks. We welcomed back some who had been off sick, and we wish some of our regular diners a Speedy recovery. It is always great to see faces back that have joined us previously, who have had that break For one reason or another. Our October Lunch will be on the WEDNESDAY 23rd 2019 as usual. Not on the Monday which had been published on our flyer which could cause some confussion. Sorry Bampton Fair is on the last day of the month. Tickets are available at two outlets Bampton Fresh & Costcutters £7 each Everyone is more than welcome.


June 2019

As usual we all enjoyed an excellent lunch followed by strawberries and cream, which had been served by the 10 leavers from the Bampton Primary School plus two staff. They achieved the task with great efficiency, which everyone appreciated We all wish them well for their next adventure in their new schools and life ahead. Our next Lunch will be on 28 August - everyone is always welcome. You can acquire your tickets at Costcutters or Bampton Fresh.


May 2019

Again we all enjoyed an excellent lunch We wish some of our friends a speedy recovery from their mishaps during this last few weeks.
Thank you for all the hard work the volunteers put into this enterprise. Also our appreciation goes to all those that donate to our table.
Our next lunch will be 24 July - the cost being £7. If you feel you would like to join us go either  to Bampton Fresh or Costcutters to obtain a ticket. In the next month's Signpost we will give a report on the school volunteers who will have joined us at the June lunch.


St George's Celebration April 2019

We gathered for our St Georges celebration, enjoying the traditional Roast Lunch plus the Apple Pie And cream. The hall was decorated with flags plus the red roses, It was lovely to welcome back some Of the previous diners, Also to all those who had Birthdays last month we hope you had a great day.
Thank you as always to all the volunteers and the generous prizes that come in every month.

We wish Ann a speedy recovery with Love and best wishes,  have a good rest at the same time.
Ann has always done so much for the lunch behind the scenes

Our next lunches  will be June 26 2019  /  July 24 2019 held at The Community Hall 12.30 pm Tickets can be obtained from" Bampton Fresh” or  “Cost cutters"
Everyone is welcome to come and join us Bampton Community Lunch



March 2019
It was great to see everyone enjoying a lovely lunch.We also welcomed back members who had been off through sickness.
Our condolences are sent to Carol and family The next Lunch will be 22 May 2019 at The Community Hall 12.30m Look forward to seeing everyone and any new person who would like to join us.
Tickets can be obtained at Bampton Fresh or Cost cutters £7

We meet every fourth Wednesday @ The Community Hall 12.30pm
Also if you have problems give Edward or myself a ring and we will try and sort things through Bampton 332233 or 331486

We are always looking for helpers as these are all volunteers to serve the meal.
Tickets are always available at Bampton Fruit & Veg and also at Costcutters 

Contact number 01398 331486


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