Bampton Charter Fair

The Storytellers

Exeter Authors's Association

This is the second year that the Exeter Authors’ Association have come to our Fair.

Exeter Authors

Above: Susie Williamson, JE Hall, Jenny Kane, and PJ Reed

Come along and meet the authors, have a chance to buy signed copies of their books and be entertained. They will be based in the Community Hall (teas and refreshments too!).


The Exeter Authors Association presents a selection of 'Author Talks' when pairs of authors discuss different aspects of their writing. The talks will last for 1 hour each plus question time with a 15 minute break in between each.

These will begin at 2pm. 'Travels to Africa and the Middle East' Susie Williamson and J.E. Hall will be talking and discussing how they used their knowledge of different parts of the world to add exotic depth and flavour to their novels as well as adding in some real life adventures of their own!

'What Makes a Great Villain?' Jenny Kane and P.J. Reed will be discussing some of the great literary villains such as Professor James Moriarty and trying to decipher what makes them so fascinating to generations of readers?

Don't miss - come and enjoy!

Bampton Charter fair