Bampton in Devon

Bailey's Quarry Woodland

This woodland has been recently purchased by Robert who very much wants to seek local views and opinions. Here's what he has in mind - the poem is wonderful!

Bailey's Quarry, BamptonWhat is your plan? I hear you ask. The plan is that there is no fixed plan - I have lots of ideas but this is the beginning of a process of getting to know the site, area and the community.

It starts as an amenity wood and long-term forestry project... but I feel there is so much potential in the space - each time I visit, my imagination is set alight and I feel like a 10-year-old boy again! I am interested in how the woodland might be enjoyed by others and serve as a resource for a wider community. It is such a beautiful place - one that I'm sure a lot of you know and love - so it would be great to share this with others too.

I look forward to getting to know the residents of Bampton and becoming a member of the community. As part of this get-to-know-you process, I'd like to hear your thoughts and ideas of what the woodland could be in the future. I am in the process of putting together a website to act as a bit of a notice board. I have thought it would be fun to even to hold an event in the wood to brainstorm about the opportunities and potential of the wood. An imagination party! Watch this space... 

Dearest Bampton...

My names Rob
And you know me not;
I’m new to town
but I've bought a spot
Of woodland from
old family Scott;
We are neighbours now
and share quite a lot,
With futures entwined
we must start to plot...

Bailey’s Quarry is now
The subject, the site
Of woodland walks
and kids delight,
Teenage camping,
ghost tales at night;
Adventures for young
and old in sight.
A place enchanting;
imaginations ignite...

A Rewilding quarry,
A hidden gem;
Enjoyed by locals
But also [maybe] by them?
Might others come
To make a den
Use wildlife hides
Or pick a stem
Maybe workshops teach
Not to condemn?

In Forest school
Nature's concern;
For new rock faces
climbers yearn;
City retreat,
relax and return;
Sculpture making
From tree and fern;
What else might be,
You can discern...

I’m not a monster,
Rich and greedy;
But a designer,
Creative, yes indeedie!
With no fixed plan,
Nor need to be speedy;
I’d like to discuss
How you are needy
For positive change
let’s make a treaty...

To talk and listen,
Each other aware;
Of ideas and worries,
We all do care;
About this place,
So special so rare;
To keep the good bits,
Improve and to share;
And new friendships hopefully
Brought to bear...

Dearest Bampton,
Spare me your ears;
I’ll hold an event,
Sometime soon not in years;
till then, I will prune,
trim trees with volunteers;
Please do say Hi [especially]
If you see me in tears
Struggling with a log
Or cursing my shears!



Bampton Heritage & Visitor Centre