Bampton in Devon

Bampton in Devon

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Bampton in Bloom: the Workers

Having so many floral displays throughout the summer means that gardeners are needed throughout the year. These photos, although a year or two old, show the work being done!

Early in the season, the beds have to be planted - and fed. This is the 'hot bed' at the top of Luke Street.

Working on the hotbed

Gerald and his barrow

In Brook Street, gardening can be hazardous - stepping in the wrong place whilst tending the baskets can result in wet feet.

It's not just the gardening - it is making sure the town in clean and tidy - when it comes to picking up the litter, all are invited to take a hand.

Weeding and tidying

Clearing litter
Watering windowcleaner!

Watering the war memorial planters

... and finally, all those displays need water, and more water, and more water.

And finally finally, a typical view around the town just before judging day for Britain in Bloom!

A typical view of a Bampton helper!

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