Bampton in Devon

Bampton in Devon

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Noye's Fludde - a Bampton Production

In Medieval England, miracle plays used to be performed by people young and old in towns and villages all over the country and taken around on a cart. Here in Bampton, in conjunction with our school, we have produced Benjamin Britten's wonderful setting of Noah's Flood, not on a cart but in our church.

It was a big project involving lots of people - help with staging, set-building, lighting, and costumes, as well as singers and string, brass, woodwind, or percussion players. A number of young people and children took part.

The ark
Noah and his family
Some of the beasts and fowls!
Tha angels set the scene from aloft
Kyrie kyrie...
Mrs Noah has to be persuaded to go on board
Mrs Noah and Gossip enjoy a drink (or two)
The animals are on board
The dove gets instructions
After the storm
The vicar represents the sun
...and Eve represents the night and a rainbow!

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