Bampton in Devon

Bampton in Devon

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Bampton Aerial Photograph

This image shows a bird's eye view of Bampton. It is quite easy to pick out the main features, for instance:

The Morebath road runs out through the top of the picture, and you can follow it down to see the recreation ground and the motte. Coming in from the bottom right, you can see the trees around the quarry, and the houses of Ashleigh Park; follow along the Old Tiverton Road, and you should see the river bridge (the river is the dark squiggly line across the bottom left-hand corner) and continuing upwards, the road widens out into Brook Street. Just lower left of centre you can see the church and graveyard, and to the left of that, Station Road car park. The old railway is obvious from the air: the bushes along it show up from the top left edge of the picture, go down to the Station Car Park, and out near the bottom left hand corner. The school and Millennium Green can be spotted in the lower portion of the left hand edge.

Bampton Airial Photo

The picture comes under licence from 'getmapping' who have photographed the entire country as a Millennium Project. This is a fairly low-resolution image showing details larger than two metres in size. If you are interested in getting images of other places, or at far greater detail (they can provide images showing 8 times more information - down to 25cm), please click on the logo on the left.

Of course, you can now get excellent satellite images of Bampton via Google Earth.


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