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Physical and mental health is vital to our wellbeing. Both socialising in safe and welcoming environments, and increasing physical activity in the company of others, benefit our overall health and wellbeing.


Wellbeing Walk in BamptonBampton has a wealth of groups offering a variety of activities, crafts and interests. Many of these groups have their own page here on the Bampton website, and they are pulled together here for you to see and make a choice.


However, joining a group might be daunting, especially if you don’t know anyone. Wellbeing Bampton can facilitate an introduction, making it easier for you to take part and relax.


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Wellbeing Walks


Knit & Natter has their own web page here.

More Wellbeing Walks photos below.

Bampton Wellbeing Walk Bampton Wellbeing Walk Bampton Wellbeing Walk


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