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Bampton in Devon

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Riverside Hall


If you are an established group or setting one up Riverside can offer what you need.

Latest Riverside Hall News (December 2016) - here

To make a booking contact Claire or Bruce Benton on 01398 332048 or in person at 5 Silver Street Bampton


Report of the Community Facilities Audit 2016 (New Hall For Old) - here

Riverside Hall is one of the two “village halls” in Bampton. Downstairs it offers a large space which is particularly suited to physical activities, like dancing. It has a sprung wooden floor which is specifically designed to absorb physical energy and provide a comfortable experience for users.

It has a stage at one end and can house a large seated audience (about 150 seats).
It is the home of the Bampton Players drama group and the monthly Cinema. True to its drill hall origins, there are also approved facilities for the well-established rifle club.

We offer state of the art sound and lighting facilities and computer-linked projection for presentations. We have a demountable bowling alley for indoor skittles

We have a kitchen and a bar (with licence available) and the Hall can be booked for all sorts of functions from fitness classes to family functions such as parties and wedding meals, as well as drama and cinema. The cost is £7.50 hour for local non commercial groups and charities and for everyone else it is £10 per hour. If you want to serve alcohol, the cost is £20 per event to anyone for the use of the licence.

There is acoustic panelling and a loop for people who are hard of hearing. It is possible to drive right up to the door for off-loading and there is level access for wheelchair users though not, at present, a WC designed for them. Riverside's own car park is on the opposite side of Brook Street which you are invited to use in return for a 50p donation.

Though the main hall is ideal for large audiences it is also suitable for smaller gatherings like talks, presentations and committee meetings especially AGMs and those which are open to the public. Upstairs the Albert Fowler Room is set out for committee meetings and is available from a minimum of one hour at £5 hourly.


Riverside Hall, Bampton

See here for the history of the Hall.

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Riverside Hall is a registered charity (Charity No.300753)


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