Bampton in Devon

Bampton in Devon

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Bampton Recycling & Conservation

This page is being developed to reflect local awareness of the need for the sustainable use of materials, and recycling. 44% of domestic waste is currently recycled, placing Mid Devon 26th best in the country.

RECYCLING COLLECTIONS - Click here for info. and dates on recycling and refuse collection.

Recycling facilities are available:

Bottles, cans, paper

Station Road car park in Bampton, and Safeway's, Tiverton

Garden waste

Composting waste sites at Ashley on the Tiverton/Bickleigh road, and at Brushford - both will also take other types of materials for recycling.

In your garden: Nearly a third of Devon dustbin waste is compostable - so if you have a garden, get a compost bin. You can get a subsidised compost bin for only £10 - ring 01884-841515

Do you have a compost bin?

Do you catch rainwater for use in the garden?

Do you do your watering in the early morning or evening to reduce evaporation?

Do you mulch your plants to conserve water in the soil?

Do you take green rubbish to the recycling facilities?

Useful links are:
Tidy Britain Group

Tidy Britain Group

Going for Green!

Going for Green

Energy Saving Trust

Energy Saving Trust. How to make your home more energy efficient. The trust was set up in 1992 as a response to the Earth Summit in Rio.

Use It Again!

Use It Again! 50% of waste could be re-cycled, but we manage only about 9%. Can you help by recycling more?

REcycle Devon

Recycle Devon

Devon Community Recycling Network - information and a timetable of kerbside recycling days in your area.

Uffculme in the Culm valley, not far from Bampton, has a very well-used community recycling site.

The site of the Composting Association with many helpful hints.


The conservation of wildlife and the environment in the Bampton area are covered here.


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