Bampton in Devon

Bampton Town Council



Note that the Minutes listed on these pages are draft minutes.


PUBLIC SESSION  Colin Rowland attended to speak about the problems of safety on the steep gradient of the proposed development of the Old School Site particularly in the recent icy conditions.  He also passed on his opinion that the results of the consultation options given at the recent exhibition were inaccurate. Steve Russell stated that the plan conforms to the adopted policy for access. Roy Keith attended to discuss the resubmission of the planning application for South Molton Road.  As the plans had not yet been received by the Clerk the councillors were unable to comment.  Keith Pitt reported ice at Bourchier Close and Ashleigh Park.  He raised the issues that Stuart Bennett had with Lucie Moore and Kelley Beeston in 2009.  Cllr. Stoner commented that nobody wished to see a repeat of the scenario that had occurred in respect of the late Cllr. Barwell. Mr.Pitt asked why Paul Edwards was presented with a token of thanks
He was told that both Paul Edwards and Duncan Manning had spent considerable time and physical strength assisting preparations for Bampton Fair.It is within the Chairman’s remit to present such tokens.
Item  1– Members Present – Cllrs. Knagg (Chairman) Compton, Fagg, Hartley, Hicks, Moore, Stoner, West
MDDC Cllr. Polly Colthorpe , Ann Guilfoyle (Town Clerk)
Item  2– Apologies – MDDC Cllr. Ray Stanley                                                                                              
Item  3– Declarations of Interest - none                                                                                                     
Item  4 – Minutes of the Meeting held on 2nd November, 2010 were presented and approved
Item  5 – Matters arising from these Minutes not covered elsewhere                                         
            i) Parish Plan – Meeting of the Steering Group. Cllr. Hartley reported that the Community Meeting
            will take place on 19th January in the Community Hall.  It was proposed that Bampton Town Council
            give a grant of £500 towards cost of advertisements,  postage and general  expenses         AGREED
            ii) Station Road car park Cllrs. Hartley and Moore reported loose and uneven slabs which require    professional attention.                                                                                                          LH & LM
            iii) Bus Stop Markings in Brook Street – The Clerk reported that no reply had been received to the
            Council’s letter.         
            iv) Affordable Housing – A site visit with Cllrs. Stanley and Neil Parish MP was made to the School   Site. A Meeting is planned for Saturday 12th January.                              CLLR. HARTLEY TO ATTEND.
            v) Elections – Councillor vacancy – The Clerk reported that no appointments can be made within six    months of an election.
            vi) Overgrown conifers in Barnhay – Cllr. Stanley sent a message that work will start next week.
            vii) Toilets – Several councillors reported that the toilets were in need of attention.  The Clerk was
            asked to press MDDC to make further renovations, as promised.                                     CLERK
Cllr. Polly Colthorpe reported that MDDC had taken recycling in house and was judged in the top quartile for service.  The Audit Commission has recognised improvements taking it away from weak status. MDDC
now has £2m reserves. An evening for the business community to encourage economic development is planned, to include the partners at Toucan.  Cllr. Colthorpe was asked to request gritting at Ashleigh Park, West Street, School Close and Bourchier Close and to ensure that several empty grit bins were replenished.  Mobile libraries are undergoing refurbishment until January, 2011.
Item 6 – Planning -Old School Site – Exhibition 18th November.  The proposed access to this site was again discussed .  Councillors were asked whether they supported the site as proposed at the exhibition. 
5 councillors voted against and 2 for the site, with one abstention.
               Applications Received
               Ref: 10/01738/CAT Intention to fell 2 Trees in Conservation Area – The Vicarage, Bampton                    Approved
               Ref: 10/01821/FULL – Erection of double garage as Bat Roost – Former School Site .  A vote was taken
               Resulting in 4 approvals, 2 abstentions and 1 objection.
               Planning Decisions -  for information
               10/01359/FULL – erection of open fronted stock shelter – Windwhistle Lane                                          Approved
               10/01541/FULL – Erection of Porch and Garden Room – Little Barton, Ford Road                                  Approved
Item 7 – Finance                                                                                                                                
            a) Request for payment of Precept 2011/12 – to be decided at the January Meeting
            b) Cheques for payment
498        K & S Fire Protection  (BF)                               29.38
499        British Legion Poppy Wreath                         18.50
500        Bampton Parish Plan Grant                          500.00
501        M Morgan (Toilets November)                    300.00
502        T Knagg BF Token                                             25.98
503        Five Star Security Services (Car Pk)               99.88
504        RiversideHall (Room Hire) Oct.                      12.00
505        St.John Ambulance (BF)                                 352.50
506        Exmoor Luxury Loos (BF)                              423.00
507.       Ashfords (Pump House)                                 177.54
508        Clerk Salary & Expenses (Nov.)                1217.72
            c) Receipts and payments for November

Bal. B/fwd.



PCC (N. Payne)


Filmbank (RH Refund)


Chris Adams (RH Refund)


Anderton & Rowlands (BF)


Car Park Takings





MDDC Rates



Community First - BF Insurance



P West - Flowers



Clerk Salary & Expenses



M R Sealey - Grasscutting



M Morgan - Toilets



Chris Adams - RH Refund



N Carder - Hollett Gdn



RH Rent



Filmbank - RH Refund



Nigel Payne - MG



Filmbank - RH Refund



B & Q - Christmas Lights




Bal. c/fwd.



                                    d) Bank balances
                                             HSBC – BTC                                                                      £7,327.87
                                            CSG                                                                                          £61.71
                                             Scottish Widows                                                            £20,681.98
            d) Key Fund Account – Cllr.Moore will press Scott Oakley for action.  Clerk to send further letter.
            e) Request from Humphrey Berridge for grant towards running Bampton website              AGREED
            f) It was agreed to pass on the cemetery grant of £210 to the Church.
Item 8 – REPORTS FROM COMMITTEES AND SUB-COMMITTEES                                                  
            1. Riverside Hall – Right of Way to 2 Bridge Terrace.  Ashfords to act for both parties AGREED
            2. Millennium Green
                        a) Trustees – Meeting 24th November.  Clerk to produce Minutes. AGM to be called
                         on 8th January.
                        b) Old Pump House Shed – Notice has been served
                        c) New Path – As the Church group was not party to the installation of this path it will
                        not be contributing towards the cost.  Cllr. Fagg reported that the Millennium Group has
                        agreed an invoice of £340 for tree work by Nigel Payne.
            3. Station Road playground.  A quote for tarmac is awaited.  An updated quote for equipment            totalling £15,365 has been received from Wicksteed.  Groundworks will cost upwards of £11,000. It        was proposed that BTC make up the shortfall amounting to approximately £5,000            AGREED
            4. Bampton Fair Working Group
                        a)  Mr. Stuart Bennett to be provided with copies of the last two years’ Accounts
                        b) It was agreed to allow PJ & A Raymond Amusements to tender for fairground contract.
                        Cllr. Stoner pointed out that research was needed to provide requirements for the tender.
            5. Emergency Planning – Cllr. Hicks reported that Chris Pestaille will replace Cllr. John Broom. Work
            on the Plan will start in the New year.
            6. Bampton Business Group Cllr. Moore reported that there had been sufficient applications for          advertisements and printing would take place early in January, 2011. The Bampton Community       Christmas Evening went well and Cllr. Hicks proposed a vote of thanks to Lucie and Katrina, Mark            Woodcock and the Bampton School children, and Mark Grabke.  Profits will  be split between the      school and the church.  Mark, Paul and John were thanked for assistance with the Christmas Trees.
            7. Allotments – Cllr. Moore reported that two x 1000L water containers with screening have been provided courtesy of a grant from Cllr.Colthorpe.The allotments are self-funding and self-managing.
            8. P3 Report – Cllr. Fagg reported that the Footpath survey is under way.  The map in the Station     Road Car park is to be replaced.  Footpaths will now include Unclassified County Roads and Cllr.             Fagg is at present organising infilling of large potholes in the area.
Item 9 - MDDC Public Notices will now be published in Mid Devon Star copies of which are available free from Costcutters and Spar in Bampton                         
Item 10  Notification by SWH of Road Closure at Quartley Farm, Shillingford 9 – 10th December 
Item 11 – Dulverton Recycling Centre – Cllr. West and the Clerk attended a Workshop at Brushford on 29th November organised by Somerset Cllr. Frances Chanter.  Various costcutting suggestions were discussed and will be considered by Somerset CC in an attempt to keep the Centre functioning.
 Item 12 – Part Night street lighting policy – It was felt that lighting in Barnhay should be retained overnight in view of the proximity of the Fire Station, the Surgery and Barnhaven.
Item 13 – Grit bin facility at Scotts- discussed in Public Forum                                                     
Item 14 - Correspondence available in Circulation File                                                                  
            Emails from Mr. Bennett  Letters and requests for information from Mr. Pitt
            (The Clerk was asked the cost of correspondence and supplying the requested information to Mr.     Pitt and Mr. Bennett and this was estimated at £120 and £50 respectively.)
            Letter from Sue Lee about footpath from Scotts to Station Road
            Update from the Parent Committee of Bampton Primary School
            E-mail from Devon Association of Local Councils re forthcoming national events
            E-mail from Eric Pickles MP about the Diamond Jubilee in 2012
            Letter from Diana Moyse about the Best Kept Village in Devon Competition
            Circulation File –
            Advice from DCC on travelling in winter      Newsletter from DALC
            BTC November Newsletter                            Autumn 2010 issue of Parish Matters
Item 15 – Items to be discussed at Next Meeting – Water supply to old Lock Up, Cemetery
Item 16 – Date of next Meeting – 4th January, 2011                                                            Meeting closed 9.30 pm



Jean Pope attended to ask the Council why the Scouts were not eligible for a Grant from the Bampton Fair Tolls.  It was explained that it was a condition in the lease from the Lord of the Manor that grants should not be given to groups that benefit financially from the Fair. Mrs. Pope stated that the driveway has become damaged from vehicles using the car park and she was advised to obtain a quote for repair work.
Shane Blackmore attended to explain the amendment to the Planning Application for Wonham Farm.
Keith Pitt attended.
Item  1– Members Present: Cllrs.Terry Knagg (Chairman) Colin Fagg, Lynne Compton, Pauline West, Francis Stoner, Les Hartley, Lucie Moore.  Ann Guilfoyle (Town Clerk) MDDC Cllrs. Polly Colthorpe, Ray Stanley.
Item  2– Apologies were received from Celia Hicks (in hospital) PCSO Martin Malin.  A letter of resignation from Cllr. John Broom was presented to the Meeting                                                                     
Item  3– Declarations of Interest - none                                                                                         
Item 4 – Minutes of the Meeting on 5th October, 2010 were approved                                        
Item 5 – Matters arising from these Minutes not covered elsewhere                                          
            i)  Devon Active Villages Survey – A Tai Chi class has been successfully started, Basketball lessons      have begun at Bampton School and there has been strong interest in Circuit Training.
            ii) Parish Plan – Meeting of the Steering Group will take place on 3rd November 2010
            iii) Station Road car park – The Clerk has obtained a quote of £450 for marking approximately 70       parking spaces from RT Road Markings.  It was agreed to inspect the Car Park for any necessary          repair work before accepting the quote.
            iv) Bus Stop Markings in Brook Street – A letter from Paul Wilson, DCC Highways was read to the
            Council.  It was agreed that the Clerk should reply stating that the council was not happy with the           proposed re-lining and that no request was made for the work to be done.
            v) Affordable Housing –Cllr. Hicks has arranged a meeting with Neil Parish MP on 19th November.          The Council’s views on the matter of the School site were made known at the last Meeting.    
            Cllr. Ray Stanley would also like to attend.
Item 6 – Planning                                                                                                                  
            Applications Received
            10/01657/FULL – Installation of replacement windows – Bridge House Hotel      NO OBJECTIONS
            10/01489/DPO – Additional Information & Amended description –Wonham Farm NO OBJECTIONS
            Planning Decisions – for information.  Reasons for approval/refusal are now given on notifications.
             Approval – 09/01600/FULL – non material amendment - additional velux window - Valley View
            Refusal – Conversion of Garage - 32 Woodland Close
Item 7 – Allotments- Cllr. Moore reported that there will be a bonfire to burn all non-compostable materials.  Plans are being drawn up in connection with water catchment.              Cllr. Moore requested that the Clerk investigate if any grasscutting is carried out at the allotments as part of the Bampton contract.              Item 8 – Finance                                                                                                                             
            a. Request for information under the Freedom of Information Act – The Clerk informed the Council that a list of 36     queries had been raised by Mr.  Pitt.
               b. Small Business Rate Relief- MDDC have refunded £52.73 in respect of the Lock Up rates and no further rates will be           payable on this for the rest of the year.
            c. Cheques for payment
                        487        Community First Insurance (Bampton Fair)                150.00
                              488        N Carder Hollett Garden October                                                  16.00
                              489        Filmbank (Riverside Hall Refund)                                    92.83
                              490        P. West (Bouquet Refund)                                                              25.00
                              491        Riverside Hall Room Hire                                                 70.50
                              492        Clerks Salary & Expenses October                                795.27
                              493        Nigel Payne (Millennium Green)                                   219.00                                         
            d. Receipts and Payments for October       
            Balance b/fwd.                                                                                                                                                          2,571.70
               Receipts                Riverside Hall Refund (Spot on)                                        77.70
                                             Riverside Hall Refund (PHS)                                               55.00
                                             Riverside Hall Refund (Spot on)                                        58.91
                                             MDDC NNDR Refund (Rates)                                              52.73
                                             Scottish Widows Transfer                                              5000.00
                                             Riverside Hall Refund (Filmbank)                                      79.00
                                             DCC Locality Fund Payment                                           1000.00                                              6,323.34
               Payments -           MDDC Rates                                                                        74.00
                                             M R Sealey (Grass cutting)                                                                532.01                            
                                             Riverside Hall (Spot On)                                                    160.52
                                             Toilet Cleaning                                                                    310.00
                                             Riverside Hall (PHS)                                                             64.63
                                             N. Carder                                                                               16.00
                                             Riverside Hall Room Hire                                                    12.00
                                             Clerk’s Salary and Expenses                                              861.87                                                            2,031.03
               Balance c/fwd.                                                                                                                                                           6,864.01
            e. Bank Balances –                                                                                                                                                  
                        HSBC –BTC                                                                                   6,864.01
                                             CSG                                                                                     61.71
                              Scottish Widows                                                                       20,681.98
            f. Key Fund Account – It was agreed to make further inquiries about gaining access to this Account
Item 8 – REPORTS FROM COMMITTEES AND SUB-COMMITTEES                                                  
     1. Riverside Hall – It was reported that work on the roof had been completed and work on the
         Kitchen floor was in hand.
     2. Millennium Green
            1. Trustees – it was reported that a meeting of the last MG Trustees is planned when forms will be                                        completed to transfer responsibility to Bampton Town Council.
            2. Old Pump House Shed. Proposed that Solicitors be asked to give 6 months’Notice to quit AGREED
            3. New Path – Finance contribution to be requested
    3. Station Road Playground – Cllrs. Moore and Hartley agreed to take over responsibility from Cllr.Broom
            Further damage was reported and an inspection was planned.
    4. Bampton Fair Working Group  - It was considered that the Fair day was a great success. A Debrief      Meeting has been arranged for 10th November. Cllr.Knagg             thanked everyone who helped before,        during and after the Fair, particularly Cllrs Moore and Fagg.  He proposed purchasing tokens of            thanks from the Chairman’s Fund for Paul Edwards and Duncan  Manning                         AGREED
            Cllr. Knagg stated that thought should be given to next year’s Bampton Fair Working Group.
     5. Emergency Planning – No Report due to Cllr. Hicks’ absence
     6. Bampton Business Group – Next Meeting 17th November.  Contract for the brochure has been
            awarded to Earth Creative.
Item 9 – Town Council Elections – 5th May, 2011.  Cllrs. Knagg reported that four existing councillors will
not be standing for re-election.  Nominations will probably be required by March but there is a possibility that due to the forthcoming census the election may be postponed until June.  The question of co-opting a replacement for Cllr. Broom was discussed and it was agreed to post Notices of Vacancy.                  
Item 10 – Strong Leader or Elected Mayor – MDDC Consultation – already decided                  
Item 11 – Consultation on Licensing Policy – Councillors were asked to submit comments on the policy
            (  to the Clerk by 19th November.                 
Item 12 – Bampton P3 Cllr.Fagg told Councillors of the work done on footpaths and bridleways in Bampton. A replacement Map of local footpaths and bridlepaths was discussed.                              
Item 13 -  Leats – Cllr. Stoner confirmed that he had shut off the leat for Fairday and had since re-opened it
            He stated that it still needed some cleaning out to get it working properly.                               
Item 14 -  Request from Mr.Brown, Mallards, Barnhay, to remove overgrown conifer on MDDC land
            Cllr. Ray Stanley agreed to deal with this matter.
Item 15 -  List of Highways work to be undertaken in November affecting Shillingford. List will be placed
            on the Noticeboard.  Cllr. West agreed to take over Cllr. Broom’s role dealing with the Parish       Lengthsmans’  visits to Bampton.                                                    
Item 16 – A Rubbish Skip will be available from 10am-4pm on the 27th November. Notices to be displayed
Item 17 - Christmas Tree Lights Cllr. Moore has obtained a quote and it was agreed to order 27 sets
Item 18 - Tough Choices – Meeting 4th November, Town Hall, Tiverton. Cllr. Colthorpe gave a description of             this  meeting about budget cuts and urged councillors to attend                                    
Item 19 – BT Payphone – Adaptabox Update. In view of BT’s guarantee that there will be no hidden charges it was agreed to proceed with adopting the Red Telephone Box in Briton Street for £1.              
Cllr. Stanley gave a brief update of MDDC’s current financial position and emphasised that any surplus funds would be needed in the next three years.  He requested that precepts were considered with this in mind.  Cllr. Colthorpe  informed councillors that Education Secretary Michael Gove will be visiting Tiverton High School as a result of a campaign against withdrawal of funding for development.
Item 20 - Items for Newsletter – Vacancy for councillor and an invitation to visit council meetings before next year’s election.  Bampton’s Christmas Evening 3rd December.                                                     
Item 21 - Correspondence – available in circulation  file
Item 22 – Items to be discussed at Next Meeting – Toilets, Station Rd. Car Park. Councillor vacancy
Item 23– Date of next Meeting –7th December                                            Meeting Closed 8.30 pm



Bruce Benton and six other visitors representing Bampton businesses attended to ask the Council to reconsider the decision about repainting the bus stop area in Brook Street.  He stated that the new “bus cage” design would remove three valuable parking spaces and could affect the businesses detrimentally.
The present system had worked without any problems  for a long time. The Chairman agreed to write to DCC Highways and ask for it to be classified as a “Hail” stop the same as the stop on the other side of the Brook Street.
Mr. S. Blackmore explained the situation regarding his planning application in respect of the agricultural tie
Saki Hartas informed the council that DCC has linked with Wiltshire CC to offer their Care Homes for sale by tender and inquired about the position as far as Barnhaven was concerned.  DCC Cllr. Polly Colthorpe stated that little information was yet available due to the sale procedures. The Chairman commented that the council were unaware of the tender offer.
Mike Drummond attended to complain about parking in Brook Street and Frog Street.  PCSO Martin Malin asked Mr.Drummond to contact Tiverton Police if an obstruction occurred.


Item  1– Members Present: Cllrs. Terry Knagg (Chairman), Colin Fagg, Celia Hicks, Lucie Moore,
Pauline West.  Ann Guilfoyle (Town Clerk) MDDC Cllrs. Polly Colthorpe, Ray Stanley
Item  2– Apologies were received from Cllrs. John Broom, Lynn Compton, Les Hartley, Francis Stoner
Item  3– Declarations of Interest – Cllr. Lucie Moore - Item 7 Allotments                                                            
Item 4 – Minutes of the Meeting held on 7th September, 2010                                                      Approved
Item 5 – Matters arising from these Minutes not covered elsewhere                                          
            i)  Devon Active Villages Survey – Four survey forms were collected and the Clerk urged Councillors
            to make use of the opportunity to provide activities and sporting opportunities for the town.
            ii) Parish Plan – The first Meeting of the Steering Group was reported upon.
            iii) Commercial use of car park – various options were discussed and the Clerk was asked to obtain
            a quote for marking out parking spaces to make best use of the space.
Item 6 – Planning
            Old School Site – The Devonshire Homes exhibition was discussed.   Cllrs. Hicks stated that the                       Council’s primary concern has always been the children’s safety and the Inspector supported this      view. With the exception of Cllr. Moore it was agreed that access via School Close was not           acceptable and a joint access solution with the adjacent site should be formulated.  Cllr. Polly    Colthorpe stated that she supported the Council’s position.   
            DMDPD – Initial Consultation.  Cllr. Hicks’ response was forwarded to MDDC Forward Planning on behalf of Bampton Town Council.
            Applications Received
            Ref: 10/01489/DPO Application to discharge section of 106 Planning–Wonham Frm. NO OBJECTION
            Ref: 10/01505/FULL Erection of dwelling Former Stone Depot, Tiverton Road  - Councillors to
                        Inspect site individually and submit comments to Clerk by 15th October.
            Ref: 10/01541/FULL Erection of porch and garden room LittleBarton, Ford Road – Councillors to
                        Inspect site individually and submit comments to Clerk by 22nd October.
            Planning Decisions – for information.  Reasons for approval/refusal are now given on notifications.
             Approval – Retention of replacement dwelling – Higher Barn
            Certificate of Lawful Use for a Proposed Use or development – 46 Brook Street
Item 7 – Allotments   -   Cllr. Moore gave details of the new allotment association and its plans.  The association wishes to take over management of and responsibility for the Allotments from Bampton Town Council.  A Bonfire Party on 5th November was planned                                                           APPROVED
Item 8 – Finance                                                                                                                                            
1. Cheques for payment
            479      M R Sealey Grasscutting August                                           766.26
            480      DALC                                                                                         35.25
            481      N Carder Hollett garden September                                        16.00
            482      Clerks Salary & Expenses September                                                861.87             APPROVED    
2. Receipts and Payments for September were presented and approved

Balance b/fwd.



Riverside Hall



Riverside Hall

Refund (Filmbase












Riverside Hall


N Carder

hollett Garden









Riverside Hall


Clerks Salary &Ex.



M Morgan

Toilets August


M R Sealey

Grasscut August


Ace of Spades

MG Footpath



Balance carried forward



3. Bank Balances as at 30th September
                        HSBC –BTC                                          £2,571.70
                                    CSG                                               £61.71
                        Scottish Widows                               £35,561.38

4. Key Fund Account – it was reported that there had been no response from Mr. Symonds.  Cllr. Knagg
offered to obtain advice from a solicitor.
5. Transfer of £5,000 from Scottish Widows Account to HSBC Account                             APPROVED
Item 9 – REPORTS FROM COMMITTEES AND SUB-COMMITTEES                                                  
            1. Riverside Hall – Cllr. Hicks reported that the roof was receiving attention.
            2. Millennium Green
                        1. Trustees – Cllr. Hicks reported that Natural England would be sending the documents.
                        The Hog Roast was a success and a letter has been sent to the new Acting Headmistress at
                        Bampton School offering the use of the Millennium Green.  Suggestions for future use                               include a Petanque pitch, music evenings and a permanent barbecue base.
                        2. Old Pump House Shed – A solicitor’s letter has been sent giving 28 days’ notice.  PCSO              Martin             Malin will contact PC Dave Parr 
                        3. New Path – a contribution to the cost will be suggested at the next MG meeting
            3. Station Road Playground – An update was not available, due to Cllr. Broom’s absence
            4. Bampton Fair Working Group – Distribution of flyers, notices, No Parking posters and Advance             Warning signs was allocated.  Cllr. Moore agreed to check signs and banners in the Lock up. 
            Clerk to arrange printing of flyers and notices, collection of Skips, contact Radio Stations, apply for     licence for banner, arrange erection of flags.  A Meeting of voluntary Stewards and Martin Mailin        was arranged for Monday 25th October.  PCSO Martin Malin gave details of police cover from 7am.
            Procedure for closing-up of stalls was discussed.   
            5. Emergency Planning –– Cllr. Hicks reported on the Flood Response Team practice
            6. Bampton Business Group – Cllr. Moore reported that Website presentations were made by            Humphrey Berridge and Steve Lee at the meeting on 29th August. The proposed brochure was discussed and printing quotes are being obtained.  Costs will depend upon uptake.
Item 10 – Queen Elizabeth II Fields challenge – Cllr. Hicks suggested a tennis court on the Recreation ground.  It was agreed to await further developments of this scheme.
Item 11– BT Site in Frog Street – It was reported that repair work had been carried out on this site.
Item 12 –  Tough Choices– Cllr. Hicks agreed to attend the Tiverton meeting in November
Item 13 –  PCSO Martin Malin reported the arrival of a new Police Sergeant at Tiverton – Kevin Till.  Martin is working on a Community Engagement Plan for the next 12 months and will keep BTC informed.  The previously arranged surgeries have been cancelled.
Item 14 -  Drain Inspection in Frog Street – Cllr. West spoke about the inspection.  It was reported that
The leats were empty again possibly due to impending work.                 
Item 15 -  A survey of community housing need was produced and Cllr. Ray Stanley stated that an updated version would be available shortly.  A definition of  low cost and affordable housing was produced by Cllr. Hicks.  It was agreed that an updated specific survey for Bampton was necessary.
Item 16 – Sign at Frog Street/Morebath Road junction.  Cllr. West would check to see if a sign existed.  
Item 17 - Correspondence – available in circulation file
Item 18 – Items to be discussed at Next Meeting – Bampton Fair
Item 19 – Date of next Meeting – 2nd November                             Meeting Closed 9.30 pm



Colin Rowlands attended to thank BTC for their assistance. Janine Banks  also attended and the recent published result of the Inspector’s inquiry was discussed.  Eric Cottrell attended to request that no building on the school site be allowed to start before a safe access is agreed.  Jean Pope attended.
Emma Higgins of Active Villages informed the Council that she has made progress organising basketball sessions
She was given details of interest in several sports and will be making contacts at the School and the Surgery.


Item  1– Members Present: Cllrs. Terry Knagg (Chairman) John Broom, Colin Fagg, Celia Hicks, Les Hartley,
               Lucie Moore, Francis Stoner, Pauline West.  Ann Guilfoyle (Town Clerk)
Item  2– Apologies were received from Cllr. Lynn Compton and MDDC Cllrs. Polly Colthorpe and Ray Stanley
Item  3– Declarations of Interest – Cllr. Moore – Item 5 (iii) Allotments.                                                                                
Item 4 – Minutes of the Meeting held on 3rd August, 2010                                                                            Approved
Item 5 – Matters arising from these Minutes not covered elsewhere                                                                     
               i)  Tree on Stage – Cllr. Hicks reported that a thorough inspection of the site was required.
               ii) Leats- Cllr. Broom reported that Steve Leigh of DCC Highways will be inspecting the problem area with
                              a specialist camera system.  He asked Councillors to let him know of any matters requiring the                                     attention of the Parish Lengthsman.
               iii) Allotments – negotiations for a source of water are ongoing
               iv) Noticeboards & Flyposting – it was agreed to include an article in the next Newsletter giving information
               about permitted advertisements
               v) Commercial use of car park – Cllr. Knagg agreed to discuss the parking matter with the vehicle owner.
               vi) Parish Plan – An initial meeting has been arranged for 22nd September, 2010
               vii) Camping on the Recreation Ground – There has been no recent occurrence
               Cllr. West reported that the War Memorial had been thoroughly cleaned and it was agreed that BTC should                minute their thanks  to Cllr. West and her husband for carrying out this task.
Item 6 – Planning                                                                                                                                                                 
               (i)D M D P D – Initial Consultation.  Comments should be sent to the Town Clerk by 19th September,
                for collation and submission to Mid Devon Planning Dept.
               (ii) Old School Site – Cllr. Knagg has forwarded his assessment of the situation to councillors                             
               (iii) Application: 10/01244/FULL –Mount Cottage, Castle St. -                                                                      Approved
Item 7 – Licensing                                                                                                                                                                 
               Open Application No. 011498 –Swan Inn, Station Road                                                                            No Objection
Item 8 – Finance                                                                                                                                                    
               Receipts and Payments for August were presented and approved
                Bank Balances  at 31st August were presented
               Cllr. Hicks raised the matter of Key Fund Money and it was agreed to write to Scott Oakley for details.                
Item 9 – REPORTS FROM COMMITTEES AND SUB-COMMITTEES                                                                           
               1. Riverside Hall – Mid Devon Connect will be able to book a table in the Hall for Bampton Fair.  Cllr. Hicks
               thanked the Town Clerk for her help with reclaiming VAT.
               2. Millennium Green
                              1. Ball Park – the new path has been constructed and Cllr. Knagg offered to discuss a contribution to                  the cost with the Millennium Green committee. 
                              2. Trustees – Cllrs. Hicks reported that Natural England has arranged for BTC to be Sole Trustee
                              3. Old Pump House Shed – Cllr. Knagg has instructed Ashfords
               4. Station Road Playground – Cllr. Broom reported that the playground contractor has requested an      alteration in the groundwork which will increase the cost by £3,500.  He has put the order on hold whilst         investigating other options.
               5. Bampton Fair– It was agreed to increase the parking charge to £5 including a programme
               and  to site advance parking charge notices
               6. Emergency Planning – Notices are going out for the Flood Response Team practice on 27th September.
               7. Bampton Business Group – Cllr. Moore reported that production of the Business Directory is progressing.        The next meeting will be on 29th September.
Item 10 – Queen Elizabeth II Fields challenge –it was agreed to express interest in this programme and to discuss it further at the next Meeting.
Item 11 – BMX /Mountain Bike Track – The Clerk reported that a local contractor was able to create a BMX course in the old quarry at Millennium Green.  It was agreed to draft a course plan and obtain some costings.  It was reported that the Ball Park was being used by children on bikes.                       
Item 12 – Rubbish Collection – A Station Road resident requested another green litter bin for the Car Park and also wanted to trim dead conifer branches.  The Clerk was asked to pass the extra bin request to MDDC and permission to trim the tree branches was granted.                                                  
Item 13–  Station Road Toilet – Renovation of these toilets by MDDC is still awaited despite many requests                                     
Item 14 – Devon Association of Local Councils AGM Invitation. Councillors regretted that they were unable to attend
Item 15 – Tough Choices – Devon CC will hold a Meeting in Cullompton on 30th September to discuss budget cuts        
Item 16 –The next Police Surgery is on Wednesday 15th September 3 – 4pm outside Bampton Primary School                                          
Item 17 -  Councillors have been asked for opinions on MDDC’s Budget for 2011/12 – Deadline 24th September, 2010
Item 18 -  Three pictures of Bampton Fair,  by a local artist will be hung in the Albert Fowler room and displayed in              the Riverside Hall on suitable occasions.  They have been photographed for the Bampton Website.     
Item 19 – Meetings attended by Councillors:-        MDDC & Parishes Charter Meeting  MDDC Housing Meeting – details in Circulation File.         
Item 20 – Frog Street Drains and S. Molton Road Hedge    - covered in Item 5(ii)                                                                          Item 21 – Correspondence – available in circulation file                                                                                                              (3 min)
Item 22 – Any items to be Discussed at the Next Meeting –
                              Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge                                                          
                               Evidence for the  need for low cost/affordable housing     
                              Bampton Fair arrangements                
                              Sign at Frog St./Morebath Road junction
Item 23–  Date of Next meeting – 5th  October, 2010                                        Meeting Closed – 9.45 pm



Emma Higgins told the Meeting about the Devon Active Villages Project, a programme to provide long term sports participation opportunities for which Bampton had been identified as one of two Pilot communities by Mid Devon District council.  Councillors were asked to consider possible opportunities.
Trevor Hallett introduced himself as the new Bampton Group Scout Leader.  He raised several points with regard to the increase of Parking Charges for Bampton Fair.  Advance Notices of Parking Charges were discussed.
Cllr. Polly Colthorpe told Councillors that the cost of the recent Judicial Review was refundable.  She outlined costcutting measures taken by DCC and confirmed that maintenance costs would not be cut.
Cllr. Ray Stanley told Councillors that similar measures were being taken by MDDC.  He outlined improved results on housing and a successful introduction of a tracking system.

Item 1 – Members present: Cllrs. Terry Knagg (Chairman) John Broom, Lynn Compton, Colin Fagg, Celia Hicks, Francis Stoner, Pauline West. MDDC Cllrs. Polly Colthorpe, Ray Stanley. Ann Guilfoyle (Town Clerk)
Item 2 – Apologies were received from Cllrs Lucie Moore and Les Hartley
Item 3 – Declarations of Interest – Cllr. Hicks (Item 6(vi) and Item 12)
Item 4 – Report in Public Forum
Item 5 – Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting held on 6th July, 2010                                    Approved
Item 6 – Matters arising from these Minutes not covered elsewhere
            i. The planter at Bridge Terrace will be emptied and then moved
            ii. Cllr. West offered to spring clean the War Memorial
            iii. Nine people have expressed an interest in being part of the Parish Plan Steering Committee
            and an initial Meeting will be arranged                                                                           Approved
            iv. Several locations for additional Notice Boards were discussed.  It was agreed that costs
            should be investigated                                                                                                     Approved
            v. It was agreed to ask the owner to remove the hire campervans from the car park.  Approved
            vi. It was agreed to ask MDDC Planning Dept. for extra time to replace the Tree on the Stage.
            It was agreed that the damaged corner of The Stage should be repaired.                       Approved
            vii. The provision of water tanks at the allotments was being investigated
            viii. The Conservation Officer will keep BTC informed of progress with removing Satellite dishes.
            ix. The Parish Lengthsman has been clearing the leats this week.  No reports have been received
            about the promised “blasting” of the drains. It was agreed to follow this up
Item 7 – Planning
            Application 10/01070/FULL – 1 West Street                                                  No Objections
            Application 10/01098/FULL – 32 Woodland Close                                         No Objections
            Application 10/01072/FULL – Higher Barn                                                     No Objections
Item 8 – Finance
            1. The Clerk gave an update of the current Financial Situation
            2. Cheques for payment were presented and signed
            3. Receipts and Payments for July were presented and approved
            4. Bank Balances as at 31st July were presented
Item 9 – A proposal by DCC to implement part-night lighting was presented and it was agreed to publish the appropriate website in the newsletter for residents’ information.  Detailed maps will be circulated for consideration by the Councillors.

Item 10 – Reports from Committees and Sub-Committees
            1. Riverside Hall.  Cllr. Hicks thanked BTC for reserving the contribution to the feasibility study
            A meeting is planned for 6th August.
            2. Millennium Green
                        i. Ball Park – A decision is awaited from MDDC re emptying of dog bin
                                               It was agreed to proceed with the estimate for £2000 for installing a concrete
                                              path and to approach the Millennium Green Committee for a contribution
                        ii. Trustees - Cllr. Hicks explained the advice given by Natural England and it was agreed to
                        ask them to proceed as recommended. Cllr. Stoner abstained.
                        Cllr. Hicks has obtained a quote for fencing and it was agreed to proceed with this.
                        iii. Maintenance payments.  It was agreed that BTC would pay cheques from the MG Reserve
                        Fund and the Church fund would pay BTC a contribution.
            3. Station Road Playground
                        Cllr. Broom presented a plan of the proposed installation.  He thanked Cllr. Polly Colthorpe          for her local fund contribution of £1000 and stated that there was a shortfall in funding of approximately £5000.  He was confident that this could be found and has approached several sponsors.  It was suggested that he approach The Rotary Club
            4. Emergency/Flood Plan
            Cllr. Hicks stated that there would be a Meeting on 17th August.  She confirmed that Sgt. Rob Curtis        was participating and hoped that a representative of the Fire Brigade would also take part.
Item 11 –   A list of Police and PACT monthly street Surgeries for Bampton was presented.  PCSO Martin Malin invited Councillors to attend.
Item 12 – It was agreed to investigate the provision of a water supply at the Lock up in Bridge Terrace
for watering flower containers and hanging baskets.                                                                        Approved
Item 13 – A notification of temporary prohibition of through traffic on the Old Tiverton Road between
19th and 25th August was presented.  A copy is to be displayed on the notice board.
Item 14 – The resident who reported a Deer Carcass was informed that it was on private land and the Council has no authority to be involved.
Item 15 – The Clerk reported that Andy Busby, MDDC, has promised to carry out the promised work on the Station Road Toilets within the next two weeks.  Several councillors commented on the improved cleanliness of the toilets and surrounds and it was agreed to pass on their thanks to the cleaners.
Item 16 – Correspondence.  Copies of letters were placed in the circulation file.
Item 17 – Cllr. Fagg reported that he had received three notifications of unauthorised campers on the recreation field.  It was agreed to put up a sign banning camping.                                                        Approved
Item 18 – Items to be discussed at the next Meeting – Overflowing rubbish bins in Station Road Car Park
   (i)Comments on part-night lighting proposal          (ii)Police/PACT surgery times for September
   (iii)  Bampton Fair Arrangements                                                                                                                     
Item 19 – Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 7th September, 2010                 Meeting Closed – 9.20 pm





PUBLIC SESSION  - No attendance



There were recently six incidents in the Bampton area – 4 burglaries, 1 theft from vehicle and 1 shed burglary. Four of these incidents occurred in properties that were left open.  PCSO Malin emphasised the importance of making sure property is securely locked in rural areas.

A police surgery will be at the Millennium Green from 2.30 until 4pm on Wednesday 7th July.



Cllr. Ray Stanley informed the councillors that MDDC Accounts for last year have been signed off.  A system of “caretakers” for Council Estates has been established providing regular visits to carry out specific duties.

Cllr. Polly Colthorpe confirmed that both DCC and MDDC are looking to save money. She reported that the Judicial Review pronounced that the unitary authority proposal was not legal and also that the Regional Spacial Strategies are to be abolished.  The Council voted unanimously to write to Peter Luff in support of the campaign to save the 24 hr Search & Rescue facility at Chivenor.  Information about the position of Tiverton School in The Building Schools for the Future programme was awaited

Cllr. Stanley commented that budget cuts of 10, 20 and 30% over the next five years are planned.


Item  1– Members Present.     Cllrs. Terry Knagg, John Broom, Lynn Compton, Celia Hicks, Les Hartley,

Lucie Moore, Colin Fagg, Pauline West. 

Item  2Apologies were received from Cllr. Francis Stoner.                                                                       

Item  3Declarations of Interest  - Item 4b – Cllrs. Moore and Compton                                                               

Item 4 Minutes of the Meeting held on 1st June, 2010                                                                                                 Approved

Item 4a – App. Ref: 10/00510/MOUT – Land at NGR 295420 1222009 (adj. Former School) – Open Space –

                Janine Banks spoke about the preference of MDDC to request a financial contribution as opposed to the provision of open space on this development.    She was unable to obtain absolute assurance that the commuted sum would be “ring-fenced” to benefit Bampton and the Council voted in favour, with one abstention, of retaining the open space  provided in the outline proposal. It was agreed to write to MDDC to inform them of this decision.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Clerk

Item 4b – Bus Stop in Brook Street.  The necessity and site of a marked bus stop was discussed. It was proposed that marking the bus stop was necessary particularly with regard to the Council’s liability in the event of an accident, and should include the “H” marking outside the Butchers shop to save extra space. 5 councillors voted for, 3 against.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Approved Item 5Matters arising from these Minutes not covered elsewhere                                                                       

                i)  Tree on Stage – Cllrs. Hartley would contact the contractor                                                                    LH

                ii) Kissing Gates – Clerk to reply to letter from Mrs. Barlow                                                                         Clerk

                iii) Leats- Clerk reported that Steve Leigh, DCC,  will look into using CCTV camera to investigate suspected blockage preventing water reaching the leats in Brook Street. Cllr. Broom requested councillors to notify him by the end of the week of any work required for the Parish Lengthsman’s next visit

                iv) Allotments – it was agreed to offer to purchase two water tanks at £40 each.                                              Approved

Item 6 –Planning – Ref: 10/00973/FULL – Variation of Condition 3 – 6a Bourchier Close.  It was agreed to observe that the Council had no objections, provided the resident of neighbouring properties had none.                             Approved 

Item 7 - Finance                                                                                                                                                                             

                1. To approve transfer of £10,000 from Scottish Widows Account to HSBC Current Account          Approved

                2. To reserve £1,000 in respect of the new hall feasibility study if and when required                    Approved

                3. Cheques for payment  were presented and signed                    

                4. Receipts and Payments for June were presented and approved

                5. Bank Balances  as at 30th June were presented                                             


Item 8 – REPORTS FROM COMMITTEES AND SUB-COMMITTEES                                                                

                1. Riverside Hall – Letter from Kelley Beeston was presented and placed in correspondence file

                2. Millennium Green

                                1. Ball Park – Letter from Mrs. James headmistress of Bampton School was read.  Clerk to reply

disagreeing with the proposition of restricting vehicle access to the Millennium Green.  An invoice for £205.63 for spraying weeds and brambles was presented for payment, half of which would be paid by Bampton Church funds.

 Installation of dog litter bin and emptying of this and new litter bins was discussed.  Clerk to confirm the emptying of the dog bin with MDDC.                                                                                                                                                                       Clerk

                                2. Trustees – Cllr. Hicks updated the Council with progress

                                3. Old Pump House Shed – Cllr. Knagg has taken legal advice and it was agreed to consider the matter again at the end of August.

                                3. Station Road Playground- Cllr. Broom presented estimated costs and it was agreed to wait until the end of the school holidays before commencing work.

                                4. Bampton Fair Working Group – Meeting arranged for Wednesday 7th July

                                5. Emergency Planning – Meeting arranged for Wednesday 7th July, incorporating Flood Plan

Item 9 –   Annual Parish Meeting – Report and Feedback (placed in Correspondence file)           

Item 10 -  Parish Plan – Four letters of interest in joining a Steering Committee have been received.  It was agreed

                to arrange a Meeting as soon as possible                                                            

Item 11 – Station Road Toilet –  A replacement cleaner started on 1st July.  The Clerk agreed to press MDDC to

                commence the promised repairs and redecoration as soon as possible.                                                                Clerk

Item 12 Fly Posting – Although it was considered that this was a very effective method of communicating Cllr. Broom pointed out that it was against the law.  Suggestions  for alternative suitable places to erect Notice Boards were requested               .                                                                                              

Item 14 Satellite Aerials in Conservation Area –A letter from Mrs. Warton pointed out that few residents had responded to MDDC’s letter after six months.  It was decided to request that the Planning Enforcement officer follow up the matter                                                                                                                                                                                                 Approved

Item 15Planning Conditions follow up Procedures –It was agreed to support Cullompton TC ‘s petition to introduce monitoring procedures for planning conditions                                                                                                Approved

Item 16War Memorial – The necessity for  renovation work was discussed and it was agreed that councillors would inspect the memorial and discuss it again at the next Meeting                                                                  Approved                                                           

Item 17 – Correspondence – placed in the in circulation file                                                                                                       Item 18 – Plough on Luke Street Hot Bed Garden –Offer of renovation accepted                  

 Item 19Motorbike/Trailer at Castle Street – Discussed with PCSO Martin Malin

Item 20Station Road Car Park – due to shortage of available time to be discussed at the next Meeting             

 Item 21Rubbish Collection – Following phone calls to MDDC the service is back to normal                                    

Item 22Planter  opposite Riverside Lockup – Cllr. Hicks agreed to remove the compost to aid inspection         CH

Item 23 -  The BTC July Newsletter was unfortunately omitted from The Signpost . It will be included next month.

Item 24–  Any items to be Discussed at the Next Meeting – (i) Water Supplies to Bampton.  (ii) Station Rd. Car Park

(iii) Planter opposite Riverside lock up  (iv)  War Memorial (v) Alternative Notice Boards                                                           

Item 25 Date of Next meeting – 3rd August, 2010                                           Meeting Closed 9.30 pm








Mrs. Hawkins, 21 West Street expressed concern at the volume of traffic in West Street generated by 26 houses.

Janine Banks stated that there had been further consultation with the Highways Agency who declared the access proposal as adequate.  The Highways Agency response was included in the papers submitted.

Mrs. Ellicott, Windfall, West Street stated that the road near her house was narrow and there was no footpath for pedestrians.  She stated that visibility was poor.

Paul Cartwright, Frog Street was concerned about the use of Western Way as a “rat run” to avoid congestion in the centre of Bampton.

Mr Brown, Sycamores South Molton Road  felt that there was another 17 years to build extra houses to fulfil Bampton’s allocation. 

Ian Ackland asked why only this site was being discussed

Joan Fagg, Grey Gables, stated that Western Way is part of the Exe Valley Way and as such it has a certain amount  of protection in the Core Stategy.

Councillor Celia Hicks asked the visitors to the Meeting how they felt about using School Close as an access.  She reminded the Meeting of the history of access to the School Site.  As Cllr. Broom  closed the public session he advised the public that the Council had noted their concerns about the site and that they could write to MDDC Planning Department, settings out their objections.



Present:  Cllr John Broom (Chairman) Cllr. Lynn Compton, Cllr. Colin Fagg, Cllr. Celia Hicks,  Cllr. Les Hartley,  Cllr. Lucie Moore, Cllr. Pauline West.  Town Clerk Ann Guilfoyle


Cllr. Celia Hicks raised the question of a risk of flooding and managing “run off”.  With regard to sewage, Janine Banks confirmed that the Environment Agency had stated that 26 houses can be accommodated.

Councillor John Broom asked about drainage and Janine Banks confirmed that an Urban Drainage Scheme was proposed.  An amended response from the Environment Agency was included in the revised plans.

Cllr. Colin Fagg stated that he thought the key issues were vehicle access and the steep site.

Cllr. Lynn Compton raised the question of affordable housing.

Janine Banks stated that she had drafted a S.106 Agreement between the two site owners, MDDC and DCC 

It is possible for there to be Parish control of allocation of affordable housing.

Cllr. Les Hartley stated that if Bampton must take a certain number of houses the Council should be looking at what are the best sites for Bampton as a whole.  Access and safety are still a problem. 

Cllr. Colin Fagg wanted to see the whole of Site A as one.  He favoured a circular access and exit. 

Cllr. Lynn Compton considered that access on to a main road was a problem

Cllr. Pauline West was concerned about the access to the site

Cllr. Lucie Moore was not convinced that the question of drainage was adequately dealt with and was also unhappy with access.

Janine Banks was asked about the access.  She stated that the principal engineer for the County recognised that children and traffic cannot mix and there ought to be a way to separate them.  As an option, the Diocese approached the residents of School Close with a scheme of road widening which was met with a strong reaction and was subsequently rejected by MDDC.  Consideration must be given to the demolition of the old school and the traffic involved in that work.  She explained that the Diocese feared a “ransom” situation. This was no longer the case and the proposed access was a way to unlock the school site.

Cllr. Broom requested that ownership of the footpath from School Close to the site be checked and permission for its use be confirmed.

Cllr. Broom asked  Councillors  for their vote on the application.  The result was four votes in favour and two votes against.  It was requested that the Council’s concern about access at this site be passed on to MDDC Planning Department.                                                                The meeting closed at 7.30 pm




PUBLIC SESSION  - No Attendance



Cllr. Polly Colthorpe briefly summed up the latest position with respect to local planning matters and the funding situation regarding the Station Road Playground.


Item 1– Members Present – Cllrs. Terry Knagg, John Broom, Celia Hicks, Pauline West, Les Hartley,

            Lucie Moore, Celia Hicks, Colin Fagg.

Item 2Apologies – Cllr. Ray Stanley - attending a Tenants’ meeting.

Item 3Declarations of Interest - none                                                                                                      

Item 4Minutes of the Meeting held on 4th May, 2010                                                                Approved

Item 5Matters arising from these Minutes not covered elsewhere                                          

            i)  Tree on Stage – A visit from the Tree Specialist is awaited                                                                     ii) Kissing Gates – A letter was received from Mrs.Barlow .  It was agreed to have a site meeting

            and the matter  to be discussed at the next Meeting

            iii) Leats – The times and duties of the Parish Lengthsman were discussed and Cllr. Broom will

            pursue the matter further.  Cllr. Hicks will contact the Environment Agency.  It was agreed to obtain

            a quote from a Drain Clearing company to free the blockage between Frog Street and Silver Street.

Item 6 – Planning                                                                                                                             

            Examination into the Allocations and Infrastructure DPD            Cllr. Colthorpe explained the latest

            Developments, whilst pointing out her interests in the matter.  Replies to the further consultation had    to be sent to the Inspectorate by 11th June.  It was agreed to send a letter stating that Bampton Town         Council had nothing further to add to the council’s original reply

            Applications Received

Ref: 10/00510/MOUT – Land adj.former School, Bampton Outline for Erection of 26 Dwellings (Revised Scheme)  - Plans to be circulated and considered at a Planning Committee Meeting.

Ref: 10/00757/FULL – Woodrow, Bampton Revised Scheme – no objections

Ref: 10/00714/LBC - 15 Briton Street – Listed Building Consent for replacement windows – no objections

Ref: 10/00705/FULL – Former Stone Depot, Tiverton Road – erection of 1 dwelling and garage (revised plan)

It was agreed to inform MDDC Planning Dept. that concern had been expressed about the safety of the access at this site.

Item 7 – Finance                                                                                                                               

            1. Cheques for payment were presented

              2. Details of Receipts and Payments for May 2010 were presented

            3. Details of Bank Balances were presented

             4. It was agreed to transfer £30,000 from HSBC to Scottish Widows Business Fund Deposit Account

             5. Accounts for year ended 31st March, 2010 - The Accounts and Annual Return were Approved

Item 8 – REPORTS FROM COMMITTEES AND SUB-COMMITTEES                                                 

            1. Riverside Hall – Cllr. Hicks reported that there would be a development committee meeting on Friday.  An electricity supply pole outside the Hall is to be moved at the request of a Bridge Terrace resident.

The vacancy for a caretaker was discussed.

            2. Millennium Green

                        1. Ball Park  - Cllr. Broom reported that construction work had started that morning.

                        2. Trustees – Cllr. Hicks reported that this matter is ongoing.

                        3. Old Pump House Shed – Cllr. Knagg reported that he had had no reply from the tenant

            3. Station Road Playground – Funding was discussed and it was decided to proceed with the             groundworks as soon as possible.  Cllr. Broom would speak to the contractor to get firm prices.

            The Clerk told the Meeting that Keith Pope had negotiated a grant to assist with the cost of the             groundwork. Clerk to supply copy of quotation to Mr. Pope to secure the grant.

            4. Bampton Fair Working Group –  The Clerk was asked to arrange a Meeting with the Fair Organiser

            and  to offer whatever further assistance that could be given.

            5. Emergency Planning – Cllr. Hicks gave a report on the recent Meeting and it was decided to incorporate the Emergency and the Flood Planning Committees.  The question of Siren warnings was discussed and it was proposed that Cllr. Moore investigate whether the old Fire Brigade siren could be utilised.

Item 9 –   Annual Parish Meeting – 3rd June, 2010 –           Final arrangements were discussed              

Item 10–  Station Road Toilet – It was agreed that the cleanliness and rejuvenation of these toiletsshould be treated as a matter of urgency.            Clerk to contact MDDC to arrange steam cleaning and necessary repair work and issue a contract and job description to current contractor.       

Item 11Mid Devon Local Strategic Partnership – Councillors  observations must be sent to the Clerk by

19th June.  Cllr. Hartley observed that there was no mention of Public Transport.                                     

Item 12 –  Riverside Flood Barrier – It was agreed to set 1st October as the date to erect the barrier.

Clerk to write to the three volunteers in Bridge Terrace.                              

Item 13 –  Hollett Garden Chairs – it was agreed to accept the quote from Allan Burton to carry out the work

Item 14 –  Allotments – The provision of water at the allotments was discussed and Cllr.Moore

reported that a Meeting had been arranged with the Allotment Society for their help with various options.

Item 15 -   Notification of Road Closure – Old Tiverton Road                                                         NOTED

Item 16 –  Overgrown Brambles at Market Close.  It was decided to approach MDDC Estates as they cut the grass on the bank in question.                                                                                

Item 17 –  Dog Fouling on the Recreation Ground. It was agreed that Dogs should be banned from the Recreation Ground and assistance asked from Phil Collins, Dog Warden with MDDC.  Moving the Dog Bin to a more suitable place was discussed.                                                             

Item 18 -   Retirement of Postman John Harris.  It was decided to write a letter of thanks for the excellent service given to Bampton’s residents.                                                                                               

Item 19 –  Correspondence – available in circulation file                                                   

Item 20Any items to be discussed at the Next Meeting

                        Provision of water at various points around Bampton

                        Invite PC Dave Parr to the Meeting

                        Kissing Gates

                        Station Road Car Park

Item 21–  Date of Next meeting – 6th July, 2010                              Meeting closed 9.15 pm








Mrs Joan Fagg attended to make observations about the recent MDDC Roadshow, particularly in regard to the questionnaire.  Cllr. Frank Rosamond spoke about the difficulty in getting people to attend these events and added that they were trying to get the questionnaires tailored more specifically.  Mrs. Fagg also spoke about the new Bus Timetable now available from the Tourist Information point in Tiverton.

Mr. Keith Pitt attended to follow up discussions at last month’s Meeting and subsequent correspondence.

He raised questions about the Newsletter and the cleanliness of the Public Toilets.  It was confirmed that the Council’s Annual Return and Accounts will be available for inspection by the public by appointment during a period specified on the  Notice of Appointment of Date for the Exercise of Electors’ Rights which will be displayed on the BTC Noticeboard on 7th May, 2010

BTC Chairman, Terry Knagg introduced Cllr. Frank Rosamond, Chairman of Mid Devon District Council who was visiting Bampton Town Council’s Meeting as part of his endeavour to visit every Mid Devon parish during his year as Chairman



Cllr. Polly Colthorpe gave an update on the latest Unitary proposals.

Cllr. Ray Stanley reported on new housing being planned by MDDC in the Tiverton and Willand areas.  He also reported improvements in the Housing Service hopefully culminating in a Star Rating.



PC Dave Parr reported on complaints about speeding at Scotts where he hopes to obtain a flashing speed sign, and graffiti at  Petton Cross.  He requested that any incidents of minor car damage be reported.

He agreed that reports of vandalism and crime were down at present.




Item 1 – Election of Chair.  It was proposed by Cllr. Moore that the existing Chairman, Cllr. Terry Knagg be nominated as Chairman and this was seconded by Cllr. Hicks


Item 2 – Election of Deputy Chair.  Cllr. Broom stated that he would prefer to step down as Deputy Chair if another nomination was forthcoming. There were no other nominations so Cllr. Moore proposed that Cllr. Broom be nominated       as Deputy Chair and this was seconded by Cllr. Hicks.


Item 3 – Members Present   Cllrs. John Broom, Lynn Compton, Colin Fagg, Celia Hicks, Terry Knagg, Lucie Moore and Francis Stoner.  Ann Guilfoyle (Town Clerk)


Item 4 – Apologies  Cllrs. Pauline West (away) Les Hartley (unwell)         


Item 5 – Declarations of Interest – Cllr. Moore declared an interest in respect of Item 18.



Item 6 – To review arrangements delegating functions to committees, sub committees or Councillors.  The following delegations were made:-

Allotments  -                          Cllrs. Moore and West            Bampton Fair Working Group – All councillors

Bampton Society  -                           Cllr. Fagg                      BTC Seats &  General Maintenance – Cllr.Compton

Car Parks -                  Cllrs. Knagg and Broom          Street Decoration/Flags  -  Cllrs. Moore and Hartley

District Police Committee -           Cllr. Knagg                      Dog Warden/Rubbish Collection & Disposal-Cllr.Moore

Emergency Planning -        Cllrs.Broom,Hicks          Floral Decoration  -  Cllr. Hicks

                                                & Knagg                      Millennium Green – Cllrs.Knagg,Moore,Broom,Hicks &


New Hall Development –            Cllrs. Knagg & Hicks                Parish Paths Partnership -                      Cllr.   Fagg

Playground,Ball Park & Rec. – Cllrs.Broom & Moore      Riverside Hall –                Cllrs. Hicks, Stoner, Hartley

Twinning                               -  Cllrs. Broom & Knagg                  Parish Lengthsman & Highways liaison –Cllr.Broom

Parish Plan -  Cllrs Hartley, Compton,Knagg,&Moore      Planning –                     Cllrs.Knagg, Hicks and Hartley                                                                                                                                                                        

Item  7– Minutes of the Meeting held on 6th April, 2010                                                               Approved

Item 8Matters arising from these Minutes not covered elsewhere                                                    

            1. Kissing Gates –It was suggested that PFG be asked if anything could be done to prevent accidental             injury from the latches.                                                                       Account Approved for payment.

            2. Parish Lengthsman –Cllr. Knagg has spoken to Steve Lee about the gulleys in Brook St.

            3. Tree on Stage – Invoice from Eden Tree Care  to grind out stump approved.  Planning Dept. to be             consulted about tree replacement.                                                                                                 Clerk

            4. Wall on Stage – Cllr. Hicks reported that it seems that the Wall does not belong to BTC

            5. Traffic Calming Castle Street –  A test report from Paul Wilson shows that the average speed of             vehicles down Castle Street is 19.3 mph and therefore flashing warning signs are unsuitable.

Item 9 – Planning                                                                                                                             

            A brief report on the hearing on 7th April regarding the Mid Devon Allocations and Infrastructure DPD

was given by Cllr. Hicks.   Copies of the submissions were placed in the Circulation File.  Cllr. Knagg

thanked Cllr. Hicks and Cllr. Hartley on behalf of the Council for all their efforts and the trouble taken with this matter                                                                                                                                     Approved            Applications Received

            10/00604/FULL Erection of courtyard terrace The Swan Hotel Bampton.  Cllr. Broom requested to             examine the application further before making any comments.      

            Planning Decisions – for information.  Reasons for approval/refusal are now given on notifications

            10/00356/CAT Notification to remove 1 Conifer Tree, South View, S. Molton Rd.        NO OBJECTION

            10/00336/FULL Engineering works installation of MUGA Millennium Green               GRANTED

            10/00357/CAT Notification of intention to fell 1 Poplar Tree 1 Frog Street                  NO OBJECTION

            10/00247/LBC Listed Building Consent for external alterations Westlake House        GRANTED

Item 10 – Finance                                                                                                                             

            1. Cheques for payment – shown on separate attached sheet

            2. Receipts for the month – shown on separate attached sheet

            3. Bank Balances – 30th April, 2010

HSBC –BTC                  £40672.08

CSG                                    £61.71

Scottish Widows            £5561.38

            4. Annual Accounts – The Clerk reported that the Draft Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2010

            have been submitted to the internal auditor for examination.  A copy of the Receipts and Payments

            Account for 2009/10 is attached on a separate sheet together with explanatory notes.

            6. Approve payment to Community First Insurance.  It was suggested that the Council familiarise             themselves with details of the cover provided by this Insurance.                                         APPROVED

Item 11 – Licensing                                                                                                                           

            Application 011007 New Application for premises licence at Duvale Priory Hall           NO OBJECTION


Item 12 – Annual Parish Meeting  - 3rd June, 2010. 

            It was decided that displays should be made of the following recent achievements and works in progress: -                                    The new Ball Park and Plans for the Playground                                            (JB)

                                                Flood Plan                                                                                                       (CH)

                                                Past Newsletters                                                                                          (Clerk)

            It was also decided to display the Accounts of Bampton Town Council for 2009/10.                     (Clerk)

A list of volunteers was drawn up as follows:-

            A) Refreshments                                                                     Cllrs. Hicks and Hartley

            B) Decoration of Hall                                                              Cllrs. Moore, West, Hicks and Hartley

            C) Press invitation and news story provision                         Cllr. Hicks

            D) Seating and display arrangements                                                Cllrs. Knagg and Stoner

            E) Meet and greet duties and register of visitors                  Cllr. Knagg

            F) Advertising Poster displays                                                            Cllr. Hicks

There will be an opportunity for final arrangements at the next Council Meeting on 1st June.                                           

Item13 – REPORTS FROM COMMITTEES AND SUB-COMMITTEES                                                

            1. Riverside Hall – Cllr. Hicks spoke about the New Steering Group consisting of two members from each hall (Community and Riverside) and Cllr. Terry Knagg representing Bampton Town Council.  At the last meeting Dawn Eckhart, from Community Council of Devon spoke.                    

            2. Millennium Green

                        1. Ball Park – Planning Permission has been granted and a Pro Forma invoice received from the Preferred Contractor – Lightmain Co. Ltd.  for £48,942.  Cllr. Colthorpe was asked to check with Dave Scott, MDDC to confirm that funding is still available for this amount before an order is placed.

Contractors estimate a construction time of three weeks and are available to start at the end of May, 2010.

                        2. Trustees – there is another meeting planned.  Cllr. Hicks commented that communications

with Natural England were improved.

                        3. Lime Kiln Shed.  The situation with the recently renewed tenancy was discussed and Cllr. Hicks  proposed that BTC get advice for next year.  This was seconded by Cllr. Moore.  Cllr. Rosamond suggested producing an outline of the circumstances to obtain legal advice. It was agreed to give a year’s formal notice to the tenant                                                                                                              APPROVED

            3. Station Road Playground 

                        Cllr. Broom has received a quote of £5,600 to produce a surface ready to apply a suitable finish for the playground.  He has received quotes for surfacing and installing some new equipment, retaining some of the existing equipment which is still in usable condition.  Cllr. Hicks mentioned available grants

and regular maintenance and inspection costs.  Cllrs. Colthorpe was again asked to check availability of funding.

            4. Flood plan -  Cllr. Hicks spoke about a Meeting with  Adele Needham of the Environment Agency

There has only been one alert this year and it is proposed to refine the plan.


Item 14Bampton School –            A little progress has been made with communications.  BTC has offered its support.

Item 15Grass Cutting Contract –Bampton Football Club has decided not to proceed with the grasscutting      contract.  Landscaping Crew has been asked to continue.    The BFC rent will therefore increase to £400

Item 16Station Road Toilet –The condition of the toilets and the planned refurbishment was discussed earlier.  The Clerk will make an appointment with the contractor and provide a job description and a new contract.  It was agreed that all councillors should check the toilets whenever passing to ensure that an acceptable standard was maintained.    

Item 17Consultation – Draft Charter between MDDC and Town Councils in Mid Devon.

Cllr. Rosamond talked about the background to the production of this Charter and the moves MDDC are making to improve problems that have arisen, particularly in Consultation and Planning matters.

Cllrs. Fagg and Hicks took the opportunity to raise points with Cllr. Rosamond.  The Clerk will compile a list of the Councillor’s views to send to the new Parish liaison Officer.

Item 18 – Bampton Co-responders.    Cllr. Moore spoke of the Co-responder programme between the Fire and Ambulance Services whereby in the event of a delay in providing an ambulance the locally based Fire crew can respond to emergency calls in minutes.  80% of the Bampton Fire Crew are already trained in Trauma Care and are happy to undertake further training as required.  It was agreed to write to the NHS Trust to request further information on implementing the programme.                                             

Proposed Cllr. Stoner   Seconded Cllr. Broom                                                                                APPROVED

Item 19Water supply from Shuttern Brook to Brook Street.  Cllr. Broom to investigate the provision

            of regular maintenance of this system to prevent further blockages  (JB)                            APPROVED

 Item 20Request from Planet Aid UK to site Clothes and Shoes recycling box in car park.  The Clerk

            Reported a telephone request to site the box in the Car Park.  Although permission was not

            given, awaiting discussion at the next Council Meeting, a box has already been sited.

            It was decided that the Agent should be contacted and asked to remove it. (Clerk)            APPROVED

Item 21 – Correspondence – available on request for perusal                                                       

            E-mails from Keith Pitt – placed in the Circulation File.

            Telephone call of thanks from Johnson White for the cheque for lease of Bampton Fair - placed in the             circulation file.

            Invitation to attend Parish Council Emergency Planning Support Session. – Acceptances from

            Cllrs. Broom, Hicks and Knagg

Item 22 – Any items to be discussed at the Next Meeting

            Annual Parish Meeting

            River Barrier – Making the decision whether to erect this barrier

            Renovation of the Hollett Garden chairs


Item 23– Date of Next meeting – 1st June, 2010                                                        Meeting closed 9.30 pm




Mr. Keith Pitt and Mr. G. Bastable spoke about the increase in Bampton Town Council’s portion of the Council Tax Bill for 2010/11.  The necessity for the increase was explained and the problem of communication with the outlying areas of Bampton was discussed.
Present:  Cllrs. John Broom (Vice Chairman), Lynn Compton, Colin Fagg, Les Hartley, Celia Hicks, Lucie Moore, Francis Stoner, Pauline West, Ann Guilfoyle (Town Clerk)
Item 1 – Apologies – Sgt. Rob Curtis, Tiverton Neighbourhood Team Leader
Item 2 – Declarations of Interest - Cllr. Fagg declared an interest in respect of Item 5. Cllr. Moore declared an interest in respect of item 20            
Item 3 – Minutes of the Meeting held on 2nd March, 2010                                                               Approved
Item 4 – Matters arising from these Minutes not covered elsewhere                                             
            1. Kissing Gate - It was reported that these have been erected and will be adjusted shortly
            2. Parish Lengthsman – Clearing of leats in Brook Street, water run off at New Buildings and
                 uneven paving still require urgent attention during visit due on 4th May.                      Clerk to contact Steve Lee.
            3. Tree on Stage –  Further work is required before planting replacement tree. Clerk to obtain  quotes for stump grinding and contact Planning Dept. for extension of time limit 
            4. Traffic calming Castle Street – Clerk to contact Paul Wilson to request loan of  speed sign
Item 5 – Planning                                                                                                                 
            Applications Received
            10/00446/OUT Revised Scheme erection 2 dwellings - Grey Gables, High Street    No objections
Item 6 – Finance                                                                                                                               
            1. Cheques for payment                                                                                              Approved
            2. Receipts for the month presented
            3. Bank Balances – 31st March, 2010  presented
            4. Formal Request for Payment of Precept 2010/11                                                  Approved
            5. Authorisation Mandate for Cheque Signatories                                                     Approved
Item 7 – Parish Plan – Committee appointed as follows:-
                        Cllrs. Lynn Compton, Lucie Moore, Les Hartley , Terry Knagg    Town Clerk  Ann Guilfoyle
Item 8 – Code of Conduct – Copies of new code were supplied to councillors
Item 9 – REPORTS FROM COMMITTEES AND SUB-COMMITTEES                                                 
            1. Barnhaven – nothing to report
            2. Riverside Hall – the AGM will be on Thursday 8th April at 7pm.
            A joint meeting of the Committees of both halls will be held on 15th April   when there will be a presentation by Dawn Eckhart of the Community Council of Devon.
            3. Millenium Green
                        Ball Park – The decision of MDDC Planning should be available today
                        Trustees – The investigation is in progress.
            4. Station Road Playground – Cllr. Broom showed the Meeting a plan by one supplier.  It was agreed that there was an urgent need to get the necessary groundwork under way due to time limits on the offer of funding.                                                                      Cllr. Broom to contact relevant parties
            5. P3 – Footpaths and Bridleways – Cllr. Fagg gave his Report of  work carried out and future  plans
Item 10 – Bampton School – A little progress with communications was reported
Item 11 – Grass Cutting Contract – It was agreed to award a three-year contract for Bampton Football Club to cut the grass at the Recreation Ground.                                                                            Clerk
Item 12 – Annual Parish Meeting – It was agreed to pass ideas and information to the Clerk and arrange a meeting between 15th and 20th April for presentation at the next Meeting             
Item 13 – Station Road Toilet –  It was agreed to award the contract to the existing cleaner and  that the new contract should give a full job description with regular inspections.  Quotes should be obtained for a thorough steam clean and a replacement hand drier                                                                Clerk   
Item 14 – Bampton Roadshow – 28th April 2010.  A rota of Councillors is being drawn up by Cllr. Moore
It was suggested that this would be a good opportunity to advertise the Annual Parish Meeting              
Item 15 – Notification by Openreach of roadclosure in Fore Street from 9 – 11 June, 2010
                                                                                             Clerk to put notice on Noticeboard and in newsletter.           
Item 16 – Charter between MDDC and Town/Parish Councils – Draft Charter was placed in Circulation File.                                                                                   Comments to be sent to Clerk by end of May.
Item 17 – Telephone Box – To re-consider adopting the telephone box – It was decided to await MDDC             Report on the Agreements     
Item 18 -  Path up to Bourchier Close – in hand                                           
Item 19 -   Industrial heritage and tourism – To consider highlighting special buildings/places of interest in the Conservation Area. Cllrs.  supported the idea  Cllr. Hicks will investigate further 
Item 20 – Co-responders – Fire Service personnel can be trained to assist in emergency situations when there is a long delay in the arrival of an ambulance.                                         Clerk to write letter in support
Item 21 – Water supply from Shuttern Brook to Brook Street.  Cllrs. Stoner, Moore and West will investigate the problems of water blockage                                                 
Item 22 – Town Trail leaflet   - further copies have been printed of this popular leaflet                
Item 23 – Correspondence – available on request for perusal                                                         
            Letter from Mr. T. Brown regarding DPD for Bampton                                                   Clerk to Reply
            Letter from Geoff Thomas , about Rubbish dumping. Clerk has requested Sign and Cllr. Hicks will raise the matter at the AGM of Riverside Hall.
            Letters of thanks from recipients of Grants from Bampton Fair Tolls were placed in the Cirulation File.
Item 24 – Any items to be discussed at the Next Meeting – Extra allotments needed
                                                                                                Annual Parish Meeting
Item 25Date of Next meeting – 4th May – Annual Town Council Meeting          Meeting closed 9.08pm




Jo Moreno spoke of the anxiety of some Barnhay residents in connection with the Kissing Gates.  She was assured that the Kissing Gates were not being removed but would be replaced by a similar design of gate which included a facility to enable mobility vehicles and wheelchairs to pass through with the use of a Radar key,  whilst discouraging the use of motorcycles and bicycles.

Present: Cllrs. Terry Knagg (Chairman), Colin Fagg, Les Hartley, Celia Hicks, Lucie Moore, Francis Stoner  MDDC Cllr. Polly Colthorpe, Ann Guilfoyle (Town Clerk)
APPOINTMENT OF NEW COUNCILLOR.   There being no other candidates for the vacancy Lynn Compton was co-opted on to the Council.  Clerk to obtain necessary forms and statements                                          REPORTS FROM DISTRICT AND COUNTY COUNCILLORS
MDDC Cllr. Polly Colthorpe gave the Meeting an update on the Judicial Review in connection with the Boundaries Commission.  She also confirmed that she would investigate the possibility of obtaining a flashing sign to slow traffic down at the  Castle Street/Morebath Road junction.
Item 1 – Apologies – Cllrs. John Broom and Pauline West.  MDDC Cllr. Ray Stanley
Item 2 – Declarations of Interest- Cllr. Hicks declared an interest in respect of planning at 7 Silver St.
Item 3 – Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting held on           2nd February,2010                              Approved
Item 4 – Matters arising from these Minutes not covered elsewhere
  1. Kissing Gates – It was reported that funding  has been arranged by Cllr. Colthorpe  and work is                      starting this week on the fabrication.
  2. Parish Lengthsman – it was decided to check for work outstanding from the last list. A loose kerb in             Brook St. was reported and also the need for clearing the leat at New Buildings.
  3. Tree on Stage – Three quotes were discussed and it was decided to appoint Eden Tree Care
  4. St.Georges Day Flags – It was reported that planning permission was not needed for the flag brackets
  5. Parking at Brook St/Silver St.- It was reported that Devon CC Highways will mark the junction in April
  6. Grass Cutting Contract – It was reported that the contract has been awarded to Landscaping Crew with      the provision that adjustments may be made at Millennium Green and the Football Field.Approved
  7. BTC Newsletter – The Clerk reported that the March issue was ready and it was agreed to accept the
            printing quote from Twyford Press and to pay a nominal sum for delivery                           Approved
  8. Communications policies – Copies of a handout from DAPC were distributed to Councillors.
  9.  Wall on Stage  -  Cllr. Hicks agreed to approach the owner of the neighbouring house to establish             responsibility for the wall.                                                                                                      Approved
Item 5 – Planning
            1. Mid Devon Allocations and Infrastructure DPD.  Cllrs. Hicks and Stoner attended this meeting
            on behalf of BTC when background rules were discussed prior to the Hearing on 7th April. Cllr. Hicks       was thanked for her hard work on this matter.  Cllrs. Hicks thanked Cllr. Hartley and Mrs. Joan Fagg   for their assistance.
            2. Consultation on “Non Allocated Sites”.  BTC’s written representation was presented Approved
            3. Applications Received
            Westlake House, LBC for external alterations                                                              No objections
            7 Silver Street -  LBC for internal alterations                                                                No objections
Item 5 – Finance
            A list of cheques for payment and Receipts and Payments for February were presented    Approved
            A financial statement as at 28th February, 2010 was presented                                            Approved
            Additional signatories for Bank Account. It was decided to postpone this until next month
            Copies of the New Standing Orders were distributed to all councillors.
Item 6 – Parish Plan
            The MDDC Community Planning Officer reported that some funding is available upon application
It was agreed to introduce the Parish Plan at the Annual Parish Meeting on 5th June. Clerk to book hall.
  1. Riverside Hall.  Meeting arranged 18th March,  AGM 8th April.  A Joint Committee has been formed with
Paul Edwards, Stuart Hookins, Terry Knagg (BTC Representative) Tony Mount and John Shaw.  It is planned to use glebe land next to the Community Hall to extend and improve the facilities offered.
  2. Millennium Green.
            Ball Park.  Western Power has confirmed precise position of underground cables and revised plans are now being submitted for planning permission.  It was confirmed that funding is still available.
            Trustees.  Weed spraying in the Lime Kiln Area and a Community Litter Pick are being planned.  The Millennium Green Trustees Fund of £4862.46 has been reserved in BTC’s Account. 
            Pump house.  Having tried unsuccessfully to contact the tenant it was agreed to send a final letter.
  3. Station Road Playground.  It was reported that further action on this project was on hold until a final figure for the cost of the Ball Park was received.  It was confirmed that part funding for this was still available but it was important to move the project on quickly.
Item 8 – Bampton Fair      
            Cllr. Knagg reported that Kelley Beeston was prepared to carry on as Toll Collector and Fair Agent for this year’s Fair but every effort must be made to find a replacement.  The Lord of the Manor’s Fee of £100 for the Lease is due to be paid                                                                                                         Approved
Item 9 – Invitation to Annual Conference of East & Mid Devon community safety partnership 21st April
             It was agreed to discuss this at the next Meeting. Cllr. Moore agreed to attend
Item 10 – Invitation to attend State of the District Debate- 10th March
            Cllrs. Knagg and Moore and the Clerk agreed to attend
Item 11 – Retirement of Rev. John Stone and John, Bampton’s  Postman – It was agreed to put collection boxes in the Post Office                                                                                                        Approved
Item 12 – Big Litter Pick – Cllrs. Moore and West will make arrangements
Item 13 – MDDC Bampton Roadshow To be arranged by MDDC for 28th April, 2 – 7pm Community Hall
Item 14 – Moving Rubbish Bin in West St. It was agreed that BTC would arrange to move the bin.
Item 15 -  White Lining in Car Park.  It was agreed to postpone a decision to a later date.
Item 16 -  Correspondence – Placed in Correspondence file for circulation.
Item 17 - Items to be discussed at Next Meeting –
   Telephone Box 
    Invite Police Liaison Officer
    Path up to Bourchier Close  
    Station Road Toilet
    Water Supply from the Shuttern Brook to Brook Street
    Town Trail leaflet   
Item 18 – Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 6th April 2010                            Meeting Closed – 9.10 pm




Mr.Ward reported that careless parking was causing access problems across the Brook Street entrance to Silver Street.  It was agreed to contact Highways Dept of Devon County Council.
Rev. Appleby asked for the Council’s approval and assistance in sourcing more brackets for flying St. George’s Flags in Bampton around 23rd April each year.  It was decided to check whether planning permission was necessary.
Mr. Collins wished to have more information about the latest plan for the Kissing Gates.  He was shown the design obtained by the Council and approved by MDDC.  It now remains to source funding for the gate.

Present: Cllrs. Terry Knagg (Chairman) Cllrs. Colin Fagg, Les Hartley, Celia Hicks, Lucie Moore, Francis Stoner.  Ann Guilfoyle (Town Clerk)
Item 1 – Apologies – Cllrs. John Broom and Pauline West . District Councillors Polly Colthorpe and Ray Stanley were both attending an important Joint Council Meeting at Templeton.
Item 2 – Declarations of Interest- Cllrs. Celia Hicks and Terry Knagg declared interest in Item 9 – Grants from Bampton Fair Tolls
Item 3 – Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting held on 5th January, 2010                     Approved
Item 4 – Matters arising from these Minutes not covered elsewhere
            1. Kissing Gates – It was decided to ask Cllr. Colthorpe to press MDDC for funding           (Clerk)
            2. Parish Lengthsman – it was reported that remedial work is needed to recent repairs in Castle Street .  Highways Department to be contacted                                                             (Clerk)
            3. Parish Plan – Reminder for all Councillors of Meeting with Martin Rich on 24th February
            4. War Memorial – Councillors to inspect Memorial to assess urgency of repairs
Item 5 – Planning Decisions                                                                                                              Noted
Item 6 – MDDC Allocations and Infrastructure DPD  Meeting arranged  to discuss latest developments
Item 7 - Finance
            Cheques for payment, Bank Balances, January Receipts and Payments were presented  Approved
Item 8 – Vacancy For Councillor – As one applicant had already been interviewed it was agreed to ask the second  applicant to attend the next Council Meeting.           (Clerk)                                                 Approved
Item 9 – Bampton Fair
            It was decided that the council request fairground rental payable be increased to £2,000 Approved
            Grants from Tolls were agreed as follows:-
            Rotary Club – 50% of total tolls towards cost of contribution to organising the Fair          £1630
            Bampton Community Christmas Evening – Contribution to signage and advertising           £100
            Kalash Dance Troupe – contribution towards digital video camera                                      £100
            Bampton Town Council – contribution towards Christmas Tree lights                                  £200
            Bampton Fair Working Group – contribution towards street entertainment             £100
            Shillingford & Petton Village Hall – contribution towards fire escape doors                        £400
`           Bampton Twinning Group – contribution towards hospitality to French visitors                   £100
            BACON Snowdrop Project – contribution towards planting snowdrops in  churchyard           £70
            Bampton Junior Players – contribution towards laptop and video equipment                       £150
            Bampton Netball Club – contribution towards tracksuits and winter training kit                  £100
            Bampton in Bloom – contribution towards plants                                                                  £311.06

Item 10  - Applications for Grass Cutting contract
            It was decided to retain the existing contractor for 2010                                                      Approved
Item 11 – Cemetery
            Cllr. Hicks reported that Rev. John Stone has announced his retirement.  He had brought to the Council’s attention the fact that the cemetery was nearly full as far as burials are concerned.
            Alternative sites (minimum size ½ acre) should be urgently sought                                                 Approved
Item 12 – Tree on Stage
            Two quotes having been received, a third quote to be obtained before awarding the contract
Item 13 – Bampton & Morebath Society of St. George
            Discussed in the Public Forum           
Item 14 – Newsletter It was agreed to have 500 copies printed in black and white as this was considerably
            cheaper than colour. House to house deliveries to be investigated  (Clerk)                         Approved
Item 15 – Unauthorised Satellite Dishes – Problems of poor reception were discussed
Item 16 – Mobile Library Service – A Survey is being undertaken to increase the use of this service to
            maintain its survival.  Form in Circulation File for councillors’ ideas
 Item 17 – Correspondence received and sent in January, placed in Circulation File
            A letter has been received from NALC requesting nomination of Parish Council Chairmen  for             Buckingham Palace Garden Party.      It was agreed to put the Chairman’s name forward   Approved   
Additional Items
1. Wall on Stage – MDDC Buildings Inspector has reported damage by frost needing urgent repair.  Ownership of the wall is being investigated                                                                                                (CH)
2. Lime Kiln Shed – M. Pancherz has offered to demolish this building and remove all materials Approved
3. Bampton Roadshow – Tenant Involvement Manager requests BTC’s  advice on the best day for residents
To hold this event which was postponed in January.   Clerk to contact Mary Venn to discuss availability.
4. Visit of MDDC Chairman – Cllr. Rosamond’s postponed visit  to be arranged for 4th May          Approved
5. Reports from Committee and Sub-Committees
a)         Barnhaven – Nothing to report
b)         Riverside Hall – Meeting planned for Friday
c)         Millenium Green – Trust Meeting planned for Wednesday, Ball Park Site Visit on Thursday
            It was decided to request payment from tenant of outstanding rent or vacate the Pump House
            Cllr. Hicks is continuing to investigate the current status of The Woodland Trust/Millenium Green
d)         Station Road Playground – Quotes from three suppliers have been requested
6. Rubbish Bin – Request for Bin to be moved to School Close                                                        Approved
7.It was agreed to give the Council’s thanks to Paul Cartwright and Mark Grabke for their very much appreciated help with the Christmas Trees
Item 18 -  Items to be discussed at Next Meeting –
Dealing with the Media : White Lining in Station Road Car Park  :   New Standing Orders for Local Councils
Item 19 – Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 2nd March, 2010
Meeting Closed – 9.30 pm






Present: Cllrs. Terry Knagg (Chairman) Cllrs. John Broom, Colin Fagg, Les Hartley, Celia Hicks, Pauline West.  Ann Guilfoyle (Town Clerk)

Item 1 – Apologies – Cllr. Lucie Moore, Francis Stoner, MDDC Cllrs. Polly Colthorpe, Ray Stanley
                                    Resignation Letter from Cllr. Frances Collier
Item 2 – Declarations of Interest – Cllr. Colin Fagg (Interest in Planning Application (2)
Item 3 – Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting held on 1st December, 2009
            Cllr. Hicks requested the addition to Item 4 of “At no time was a patient in view”              Approved
Item 4 – Matters arising from these Minutes not covered elsewhere
            1. Kissing Gates – Cllr. Fagg produced an alternative design to be submitted to MDDC
                        Cllr. Broom will check measurements.                                                                       JB
            2. Parish Lengthsman – A list of items were produced by councillors to be submitted to    Clerk
             Steve Leigh for the next visit plus a further list to be submitted to DCC Highways
            3. Flytipping on Recreation Ground has been dealt with satisfactorily
            4. War Memorial – Cllr. Knagg will deal with the grant application for renovation              TK
Item 5 – Planning
            Applications Received
            (1)Listed building consent – The Old Vicarage, Bampton Ref; 09/01829/LBC                      Approved
            (2)Outline for erection of 2 Dwellings, Grey Gables, Ref: 09/01854/OUT – referred to
                 Planning Committee for site visit
             Planning Decisions – for information
            Internal and external alterations The Castle, Castle Street               LISTED BUILDING CONSENT
            Internal and external alterations 48 Brook Street                                LISTED BUILDING CONSENT
            Removal of condition (9) PFG Fabrications.  Bampton Town Council note with regret that
            Planning Permission has been given to remove this condition against its recommendation.
            Replace extant planning permission 1 West Street                                                               Approved
            Notification to fell 2 Trees, 1 West Street                                                                          No Objection
            Erection of replacement dwelling Valley View                                                                       Approved
            Erection of 3 holiday fishing lodges Higher Grants Farm                                                       Approved
            Listed Building consent for replacement windows Toll House                                              Refused Item 6 – Finance
            1. Appointment of New External Auditor                                                                                Approved
            2. Response to letter about Precept.  Copies of correspondence in file                                                        3. Cheques for payment, Receipts for the month, Bank balances and Finance Statement were
Item 7 – Bampton Fair
            Accounts for 2009 were placed in Circulation file.  Applications for Grants will be considered at
            the next Meeting.
            A meeting with Mr. DeVey (Fairground Owner) will be arranged                                          Clerk

Item 8 – Parish Plan
            A meeting with Martin Rich to be arranged                                                                           Clerk
Item 9 – Mid Devon Connect – The proposed MDDC Roadshow on Thursday has been cancelled due to
            bad weather.  It was proposed that a letter be sent to MDDC regretting that yet again there had             been no consultation with Bampton Town Council about this event.                                    Approved
 Item 10 – Reports From Committees And Sub-Committees
            2. Riverside Hall - Committee meeting 14th January.  Cllr. Hartley was nominated to represent
                        B T C, replacing Cllr. Knagg who has resigned from the Committee                         Approved
                        Car Park Wall – Quote from Michael Pancherz for repair presented                         Approved
            3. Millenium Green
                        Ball Park -  It was decided to submit a plan to Western Power to ascertain
                          whether the siting is affected by underground electric cables                                Approved                   Trustees – Meeting arranged for 6th January.  Clarification on Trustee Status
                        is being investigated
            4. Station Road Playground – Specifications are being sent to three suppliers                             JB
Item 11Bampton Scout Group – Permission required for Bardon to instal safety fence                        Approved
            As this is an SSI, approval must be sought from Natural England
Item 12Correspondence received and sent in December placed in File for circulation
Item 13 Any items to be discussed at Next Meeting
            Direction sign at Exeter Inn – Shows incorrectly that fuel is available in Bampton
            Speed warning sign for Castle Street
            Dog Bin placement
            Process for dealing with Media
            Hollett Garden Gate
            Christmas Trees
Item 18 – Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 2nd February, 2010

Meeting Closed – 8.40 pm





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